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Jesolo, a City for all Seasons

Jesolo is a seaside resort living a powerful detachment between summer and winter. The city of Jesolo known in summer with the equipped beach, with bars on the beach, evening parties on the beach , the Jesolo nightlife with discos, nightclubs, water games, playgrounds for children and much, much more. We all know of the endless car queues to arrive in Jesolo or leave from Jesolo, especially on a Sunday or other hot days, despite the building of the tunnel . We all know the difficulties of parking, we all have a clear idea of how many restaurants, shops are opened on the main street, Via Bafile. (Http://www.hoteltorinojesolo.en/hotel-bafile-jesolo.html)
Tourists coming during the summer often wonder how we live in Jesolo in winter time. And not only tourists, often also friends who live in cities are wondering whether Jesolo winter is completely dead. Indeed, people often believe that everything is completely closed, that there are no activities of any kind. A city post atomic bomb, people imagine Jesolo in winter with all closed shops,all pubs closed ,no cultural activity, nothing, nothing at all,.
And here I am to break a lance for Jesolo. Given that the City of Jesolo has about 26,000 inhabitants, and they are not few, and these people have the basic needs fully met by the city. Shopping malls are open in winter, and as well as shopping centers, as well a good half,let’s say a third of the shops on the Bafile street. Bakeries, bars, shoemakers, hairdressers, barbers, everything is at your fingertips in Jesolo, because you do not need certainly to take the car and go somewhere else. In Jesolo, in winter we live a less crazy life, perhaps a more balanced life without queuing problems, without parking problems and with the fresh air of the sea, with its winter dress, takes us poetically towards the summer.
The sea, with its winter shades gives us real poetry for our eys and allows us healthy walks . We have plenty of places open for a coffee, a cake, for lunch or dinner out, certainly not as many as in summer, but believe that we have full choice. I often find myself shooting like crazy to try a piece of clothing and then, I find it in Jesolo. We lead a normal life in Jesolo in winter, we are not survivors, absolutely no!
But Jesolo in winter lives also of cultural, theater, conventions. Remind that the last two winters, Jesolo on weekends in winter was assaulted for the shows Real Bodies and then Bodies Revealed. The plastinated bodies have benn sent abroad at the beginning of this winter and, seeing the trucks that took them away was a little like losing friends. A strange feeling,aftrer becoming accustomed with their presence .
This year, as in the past 14 years,on 8th December The Sand nativity was inaugurated :the largest Sand Crib in Italy, with scenes of the birth of Jesus and charismatic bearers of Peace. This year, the central figure of the Sand Nativity could not be that Pope Francis, as a symbol of Peace. The entrance to the Sand Nativity is free, an offer is well accepoted as in the last years, the proceeds are donated to charity.
One Sunday, a weekend in Jesolo become interesting even in winter time , : one can enjoy a walk along the sandy beach, one can admire the Sand Nativity, but not only. Jesolo, this year, as in the past years, has organized , during the Christmas time , the Jesolo on ice, the ice skating ring is open every day, with one hour break on Sunday. One can experience the atmosphere of the Northern Countries, including lights, sounds, colors and stalls. And do not forget The New Year Party in Jesolo, and already start requests by mail. The godmother of the 2015 Festival Show that will start to shoot at 10.00 pm at Mazzini Square will be Giorgia Palmas and the music of the new year Party of Jesolo will be entertained by dancing, coreographies, shows , and, at the stroke of midnight by the inevitable fireworks. The locals will not fail to warm up with hot drinks and even alcoholic drinks, although we recommend moderation.
Remind the spirituals in the churches in Jesolo at Christmas time, and the exhibition of cribs at the Bounty Pub until 31 January 2016.All these events related to the Christmas season, join the theatrical season of the Vivaldi Theatre , always well fed and alive, to index a city that lives in the cold months, and that certainly does not go into hibernation.
And we hoteliers, in addition to live our Jesolo and what it offers us , we are in constant turmoil for the renovations. We listen to the trends of the summer, we hear the Tourists’ voicest, and, in winter, we try to improve, to restructure, to overcome our weaknesses and shortcomings of the structure. Major renovations taking place in the cold months in hotels in Jesolo Lido, in a sign of a city that lives and a large nation of people who work in tourism and that does not stop growing, that studies, which updates and improves the facilities for receiving for make them worthy of the city whose skyline is being enriched with the great names of architects.
And we the Hotel Torino, as every winter, we are doing major work, this year more localized, but aimed to start a project to upgrade the structure seriously going to touch and change the weaknesses of the hotel.
Living a Jesolo, Jesolo a living, a Jesolo to enjoy in every climate and in every nuance.