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Jesolo at Christmas Time

Yes, even today, December 31, I want to write something about Jesolo.
Coming to work today, but since yesterday, I saw Jesolo replenish themselves, certainly not like summer, but the promenade, Via Bafile was populated by colorful jackets, caps, people with gloves strolling.
You may wonder why there are people who choose Jesolo for the last days of the year? The answer Ve do I, because our lives Jesolo, also lives in the winter, not summer rhythms, but it certainly has plenty of activities
What would I do if I trascorrerre few days in Jesolo?
First of all a passseggiata the sea, pardoned, these days, by a beautiful sunny cold, but so light that illuminates the soul. The sea is always worth to be admired, is a beauty of nature, and in winter its charm silent, calm, with waves that reflect the cold sun, or waves that are lost in the gray of the sky, always manages to give great emotions. If you like Nordic walking, certainly walking with poles I am extremely invigorating, and us, from Walk Hotel in Jesolo, always have a thought towards this sport.
From the beach you pass on the way Bafile, that even if you do not believe, has opened shops, bars and restaurants. And usually, the stores that remain open in the winter it is the most beautiful! From the sea to the Via Bafile, from the Nature Shopping! Certainly not unscathed even in winter.
A hot chocolate? maybe in Piazza Mazzini enjoying the spectacle of Jesolo on ice? Jesolo, now for several years, during the Christmas Holidays install the ice rink, a cascade of lights, sounds, beanies colored slip on the ice happy: big city atmosphere northern European heartwarming. The ice rink opens every afternoon and, in the days of festival, open all day, with one hour of break lunch break. In short, between walking and skating, you burn some of the New Year and Christmas gluttony!
For culture lovers, for those who love art, a walk in Venice you can not miss. With the motorboat that part very regular from Punta Sabbioni, in 40 minutes you are in Piazza San Marco, and, like the sea, perhaps more than the sea, your eyes will be filled with beauty, the beauty of the most beautiful drawing room of Italy: our Venice. If you come in Jesolo, maybe in the summer with the heat, with the beach, tanning, the bathrooms do not you feel like it, but in winter a visit to Venice is perfect.
You can spend part of the day to the exhibition is open from 26 December until 10 January: ” Serial Killer: From Victim to the Executioner ”. An exhibition that replaces the two exhibitions on the bodies plastinated and which has already caused a stir and controversy.
The exhibition offers realistic reconstructions of crime scenes, real weapons with which they were carried out the crimes, news, photo on serial killers, scary images projected, all to immerse the viewer in the horror of Mind Who Lives for Killing Humans .
I wonder why so many controversies: at Christmas we have to pretend to be any good? At Christmas we have to pretend that there is a beautiful and good world?
Spectacle of crime? A little bit, yes, but how many television programs projecting free images and excessive at times to make audience?
Perhaps more than the spectacle of the crime, we can speak of information, because the exhibition helps relaizzare the brutality of certain human beings, people who may well be neighbors. Open your eyes and see that the serial killer is not the only villain of the TV series, not so negative.
From Serial Killer you can go instead to the Sand Nativity, the Sand Crib largest of Italy awaits in Piazza Marconi in a heated marquee and now has reached the fourteenth edition. This year the Statue of sand that has been dedicated the crib is that of Pope Francis, the symbol of the true bearer of Peace. Entrance free offer that will be donated to charity as now for a couple of years. Sculptors from around the world gather each year to give life, to mold with sand scenes from the Nativity … and every year they can give strong emotions!
And for 31.12, for the magical night of farewell to 2015 and welcome 2016, Jesolo is colored by open bars, restaurants, and especially two big shows.
The show in Piazza Mazzini https://www.hoteltorinojesolo.it/en/location.html , outdoor, free with the Festival Show of Radio and Radio Bella e Monella Birikina. Will be on stage in Piazza all’aèerto fine artists, singers of our scene singing, all enriched by choreography, and all coordinated by the godmother Giorgia Palmas. From 22:00 to midnight so much music, so many lights and midnight the coast will be burned by fireworks to welcome the New Year.
For those who can stand the cold, to shovel Arrex, two runs for divers dance styles, DJ sets and special guest Skin of Skunk Anansie. It will also set up a VIP area for those who want to book a table and be more comfortable.
Even our Giuliano Veronese will liven up the evening for most awaited night of the year.
Obviously, for those staying many hotels, especially among the 3 star hotels ( https://www.hoteltorinojesolo.it/en/hotel.html), they decided to open for a few days and accommodate those who choose us all the year!
Happy 2016 to all, choose Jesolo that is always ready to present you emotions!