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Hotel Torino ideal for Ladies,Mothers with Kids, Singles and Grandmothers

Pink Hotels , hotels for ladies : a new brand appeared on the turistic market in the last years , hotels especially suited to women, And here we wondered if Hotel Torino would be suitable for women traveling alone. And we have not given a negative answer, I would say that we believe our hotel is a true beach house suitable to accommodate single women.
Avoiding the extremes of floors dedicated only to women and prohibited to men , as it seems a way to create ghettos and a clearly excessive extremism, we have wondered what features make Hotel Torino suitable to a woman traveling alone.
-First Of all of its central location and in this regard we invite you to read the page of our website that explains in detail our position: Be located on the pedestrian street, just 200 meters from Piazza Mazzini, the main shopping district and only 30 meters from the beach, makes the hotel ideal for women who have no need to walk through dark streets to reach the center . We are in the center, walk out of the hotel and you are in the city center. The central location makes the hotel a very safe hotel for women . This is not a secondary, the position becomes a very fundamental trait for Ladies’ tourism.
-The Parking granted as a free service to all (see the section of our site services ( is very appreciated among women, and, if there are difficulties, we take care to park the car . Thanks to its central location, the car can really be forgotten for the rest of the holiday. A plus that appeals to everyone, but we noticed that women, more than ever appreciate this convenience. In case of any movement in the nearby .there are also bicycles which are granted free of charge from the hotel. How many young ladies use the bicycles provided free of charge, even to move from one pub to another.
-Other Plus that makes the hotel suitable for single women is certainly the predominant presence of women at the hotel. We are a women’s hotel, carried out by women and we are here ready to chat, a word, a drink with you, a herbal infusion in the afternoon. We are proud to have clients who often stop to chat with us, girls traveling alone and who decide to return to the Hotel Torino, because they feel at home, because they know that , if they do not want, they are never alone here at the hotel. Getting a sun beach vacation alone , whether you are young or grandmother, or mature woman, is not easy and what often makes the difference is just the staff capacity to be near you, to be available whenever you want to exchange words. Talk to the reception, the evening just sit at the counter of the bar inside and our barmaids are ready to talk. We are truly a 90% female staff ready to chat and to exchange ideas, thoughts and strictly feminine reflections .
-Other Plus is the presence of a hairdryer in the rooms and, the mainly female staff, in case you should forget something, for sure will in extremis help you. Small kits with nail polish or other nonsense are useless to us , we believe in more substantial offerings. A welcome kit enriched of a glaze, in an era where gels and semi-permanent polish are prevailing, becomes quite insignificant. For women traveling alone and reserve their single room, Hotel Torino has come up with an offer much more interesting. A coupon of € 10.00 discount on a fold or more in the Beauty Salon Fiorella just 300 meters from the hotel. We guarantee the quality of this Beaty Salon where the staff and hotel management is a customer. To download the coupon just go to the hotel offer section and photograph with the smartphone the discount or print it. Remember that at the time of booking .This is the link to download the discount.
-Our All-female reception will give our female travelers detailed information on women’s shops, where to find certain items of clothing, about where to make the best shopping in Jesolo, or information about the hairdresser or beauty salons, even the gym.
-Our Menus, being very varied, always giving great choice and rich buffets of everything and more, certainly meets the requirements at the table of our women travelers. And, in the case of celiac disease or food intolerance, our Chef is always very attentive to cook separately according to the rules dictated by you. We followed customers in their diet on their vacationa, separately cooking without salt, lactose and more. The woman at the table is much more demanding and, let’s face it, complicated than man. And our women travelers, at Hotel Torino, have always found the highest availability.
-For Single women, who so desire, we have prepared a recipe book from the Veneto regional cuisine, with the real, genuine preparations, and if they wish, if they love the kitbean Soup, the bigoli in salsa, the Venetian pancakes, the damselfish, the ‘polenta and birds’ and many other delights of our cuisine with its roots in the most genuine rural tradition.
A little tip for women traveling alone: ​​bring so many books. We would like to suggest some special some reading, including a Hearts Cocktail ( ideal for the beach, under a parasol, relax.
The holidays, you know, are the perfect time to read! He stretched out on the couch in the shade, in the sun while we abbronziamo his back in bed in front of the starry sky before falling asleep, on vacation we women are all more relaxed and in the mood to dedicate ourselves to our favorite hobbies, such as reading. For example, one of the hearts Cocktail: a book that flows nicely in the afternoon, giving us a few hours of carefree fun and lightness and transporting us across the Channel, in London where Penelope, the protagonist, despite his Italian origins is trying to establish itself in the world British publishing. Between a novel and another, Penny prepares artistic cocktails in trendy bars of Soho and in English Olivia friend’s company, is dedicated to an intense night life, sharing the stage with the most celebrities notes. The traditional family has remained in the beautiful Sorrento coast, he told of being next to a degree in medicine; the same degree that, really, is going to achieve the Southern girlfriend Gelsomina. But the imaginative life put up by Penny for his family is as fragile as a sand castle … And, therefore, destined to collapse at the first wave. Resist our protagonist, he will achieve his dreams? And, among many men among them he is forced to juggle – fellow bartender Jack, actor Eduardo, the gentleman Devin, fake boyfriend Thomas and space-clearer Robin – will find the man of her destiny? To find out, you just have to immerse themselves in reading the hearts Cocktail, the third novel in the new series “A light heart” of CentoAutori editions.
PLOT: After moving to London from South Italy to study at the prestigious University College and achieve the much desired (his family) medical degree, Penelope became a tireless socialite and instead to attend classes, ekes out a living preparing cocktails night clubs of the West End. by day, however, in the apartment in Soho which he shares with the Gelsomina friend and the alternative heiress Olivia Parker-Kensington, cultivates his dream: to become a successful writer. Just one morning in which is intent on writing his novel, Penny receives an unexpected phone call: mom, dad and sister Carmela are coming to attend his ceremony … Graduate! And Penelope touches accommodate them! But the worst is yet to come. His are anxiously waiting to know the legendary Angelo: the young Italian-born doctor whose Penny talked about for years and which is linked to a serious, and Platonic, engagement. Too bad that Angel never existed! How to cope? Penelope is desperate: will be discovered and will have to give up his dreams as a writer. Better to confess everything and face the consequences. Unless …
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Hotel Torino, a hotel suitable to ladies , ready to pamper His Guest Women, ready to meet their needs. Our dedication to the female tourism, our feeling with the Women sun on holiday, our little great attention given to people traveling alone.