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What does it mean to be a three-star hotel in Jesolo

Being a 3 star hotel in Jesolo means being the heart of the city’s tourist facilities, as the three-star hotels are  the most popular among all categories. Jesolo is in fact a beach born with pensions, from small family hotels that, with time and with the city, have evolved and have made a big difference.
Pensions are once a pale reminder, and today Jesolo offers a wide range of tourist facilities even to cover the needs of those who require 5 star hotels.
However, being a three star hotel means being the keystone of our city, it means being among the hotels that encompass a large part of tourism, whether it is family tourism or youth tourism.
And to keep up with the times, three-star hotels have increased the standard of services offered: rich buffet breakfasts also with all the ‘salty’ hot and cold department so loved by foreign peoples, very varied menus and rich buffet Of appetizers and vegetables. And to keep up with their  wider slice of customers , the family, we have created menus, cakes, crib and highchair services and many other facilieties ideal for the kids.
The standard of the three-star hotel in Jesolo is a very high standard, characterized by  care for details, customer attention, concrete answers to the needs of tourists, wi fi, bicycles, parking and private beach, usually  all included  in daily rows. A love for tourism that has become a serious profession and a tourismus attentive to the demands of a constantly growing and more exigent tourism 

Seven good reasons to choose Jesolo at Carnival time

You may wonder why I recommend the carnival in Jesolo, as the homelands of  carnival are Venice, or Viareggio or Rio. Well, I’m not crazy, I  am just  suggesting you an interesting alternative  and a proposal for a different and varied weekend.• Jesolo, no doubt, can offer you very cheap  accomodations in hotels if compared to Venice. The lagoon city shoots up in the carnival weekends , because it is a period of high season and the demands of accomodations are enormous. Whereas Jesolo offers hotels which are  open even in winter, heated, good or excellent quality. So, why  do not consider to get close to Venice without spending  a fortune?• Jesolo is a very convenient starting point to reach Venice, as between bus and ferry it takes about 45 minutes to  Saint Mark Square where you can start your tour in the magical Venice carnival• Jesolo , in winte time,  is not a city of ghosts, but  it is a  living city  ready to welcome you with shops, shopping centers, restaurants, pubs, and many of the nightclubs that animate the summer nightlife are also open in winter, or in the winter weekends. Here you do not miss anything: neither places to sleep, nor places to eat, passing through places to have fun.• Jesolo offers its nature, the sea and the seaside walks, jogging, Nordic walking or a bike ride along the bike paths, of course, if the weather is good , but usually winter  is not so rigid here to prohibit outside activities. The winter sea gives different emotions, emotions in pastel colors, but always emotions. Believe me, and to get proofs, check out our facebook page where we often publish photos of our sea  in this season: a unique spectacle softened by a very relaxing silence• As alternatives to outside activities you will have the Sea Life  also open in winter, or Tropicarium with the exhibition of sharks and butterflies, if  the sea and the carnival celebrations are not enough for you• Most night pubs  in Jesolo, starting  from the Marina Club, but it is not the only one, organize at  carnival  theme nights,  musical events with the best DJs or costume parties• Jesolo offers to your very a interesting Carnival program, even if, of course, does not arise in competition to  Venice:
-Let’s start from  11th  February with the carnival in Cortellazzo, the fishing village that lies on the edge of the pinewood of Jesolo, with the parade of carnival  floats, entertainment for children, music, frittelle (carnival cakes) and hot tea, but if you come to this weekend you will find still open the Jesolo on ice, the skating ice ring  in Mazzini Square and the legendary Sand Nativity with the theme of exile
-The following weekend, 24th, 25th and 26th  February The Carnival parade will move to  Jesolo centre  with the urban street food, food stalls selling food  typical of our area, but also with the typical sweets of the carnival tradition
-The last weekend instead of the colourful carnival parade  will be waiting for you  at  Milano Square , precisely in Grifone Park
-And, according to our Jesolo tradition, Carnival is celebrated beyond the official closing date , in fact all the allegorical carnival floats in the surrounding areas which have animated the carnival weekends  and  on tour, on March 5th  will meet in Jesolo with a parade of exception, among coriandoli (the colourfull small pieces of paper thrown up in the air during carnival), music and lots of fun. It will be a joyful parade, full of high-level quality that will leave you speechless. One way to extend the happy atmosphere of the carnival, a way to justify our  tasting the  carnival sweets, a way to bring us all together on the Bafile street  and dance along it together with  to those who animates the  carnival wagons.And when you are cold, warm up in one of the bars or pastries that are waiting for you with hot drinks, mulled wine and carnival sweet delights, called frittelle, castagnole and crostoli . 
What could be happier than Carnival? Happy atmosphere, the chance to dress up and to feel someone else, to eat sweets, thinking that the diet will begin with Lent.  See you in Jesolo !

Jesolo Hotel near Capannina Beach and not only

What does it mean for young people to come to Jesolo and choose the right hotel? It means to choose a hotel closed to their points of interest, and mainly to the most famous places of Jesolo nightlife. And Hotel Torino is closed to Capannina Beach . This means that our hotel is in a central position since the Capannina Beach  is one of the most famous places of our night life.The Hotel Torino has characteristics suitable for this type of tourist, the young tourist who want to find a hotel convenient to easily reach its landmarks in Jesolo Lido, that is why:
-We  have a very central location that is close to Piazza Mazzini which is the heart of the pubs animating our nightlife: the already mentioned Capannina on the beach and just 200 meters from our hotel. In summer  people love enjoy, drink and listen to outdoor music.What could be more glamorous than a pub overlooking the sea? As in the movies, so in Lido di Jesolo, you can also find this! The place comes alive from morning with the private beach, appetizers and evenings lit by the moon and to the rhythm of the right music
-Be Close to Piazza Mazzini means to be close to many other renowned nightlife pubs .Why do not  we mention the Mercedes Bar just in our private beach? Or the well kownownl Gasoline Road Bar? The distances are the same, so it is comfortable :you stay at  Hotel Torino and you do not need to drive your car to reach the night pubs.You can enjoy the well known Mortazza Party on Sundays evenings at Mercedes Bar  and it takes two minute walking to reach the hotel
-You can reserve Hotel Torino only for a weekend . Obviously you have to wait for the right moment. We rent rooms for weekends some days before the weekend, but it is not so difficult to find place
– We define ourselves as a cheap and therefore affordable hotel to young people who often do not want to spend too much
– We are an elastic hotel in terms of breakfast time. With us, breakfast is served until midday and beyond. If you do not arrive before 9:30 am, the closing time for breakfast, we do not forget you! For You, there  are always rich trays full of everything from sweet to savory  and you will be served breakfast at bar on the open air terrace. In your late breakfast you will get everything : from eggs to bacon, from yogurt to  pastries passing throug  bread, coffee, meats, cheeses and fruit. Your breakfast will become a real brunch.
We wait for your summer weekends with your friends, laughters and your joy.

Jesolo at Christmas Time

Yes, even today, December 31, I want to write something about Jesolo.
Coming to work today, but since yesterday, I saw Jesolo replenish themselves, certainly not like summer, but the promenade, Via Bafile was populated by colorful jackets, caps, people with gloves strolling.
You may wonder why there are people who choose Jesolo for the last days of the year? The answer Ve do I, because our lives Jesolo, also lives in the winter, not summer rhythms, but it certainly has plenty of activities
What would I do if I trascorrerre few days in Jesolo?
First of all a passseggiata the sea, pardoned, these days, by a beautiful sunny cold, but so light that illuminates the soul. The sea is always worth to be admired, is a beauty of nature, and in winter its charm silent, calm, with waves that reflect the cold sun, or waves that are lost in the gray of the sky, always manages to give great emotions. If you like Nordic walking, certainly walking with poles I am extremely invigorating, and us, from Walk Hotel in Jesolo, always have a thought towards this sport.
From the beach you pass on the way Bafile, that even if you do not believe, has opened shops, bars and restaurants. And usually, the stores that remain open in the winter it is the most beautiful! From the sea to the Via Bafile, from the Nature Shopping! Certainly not unscathed even in winter.
A hot chocolate? maybe in Piazza Mazzini enjoying the spectacle of Jesolo on ice? Jesolo, now for several years, during the Christmas Holidays install the ice rink, a cascade of lights, sounds, beanies colored slip on the ice happy: big city atmosphere northern European heartwarming. The ice rink opens every afternoon and, in the days of festival, open all day, with one hour of break lunch break. In short, between walking and skating, you burn some of the New Year and Christmas gluttony!
For culture lovers, for those who love art, a walk in Venice you can not miss. With the motorboat that part very regular from Punta Sabbioni, in 40 minutes you are in Piazza San Marco, and, like the sea, perhaps more than the sea, your eyes will be filled with beauty, the beauty of the most beautiful drawing room of Italy: our Venice. If you come in Jesolo, maybe in the summer with the heat, with the beach, tanning, the bathrooms do not you feel like it, but in winter a visit to Venice is perfect.
You can spend part of the day to the exhibition is open from 26 December until 10 January: ” Serial Killer: From Victim to the Executioner ”. An exhibition that replaces the two exhibitions on the bodies plastinated and which has already caused a stir and controversy.
The exhibition offers realistic reconstructions of crime scenes, real weapons with which they were carried out the crimes, news, photo on serial killers, scary images projected, all to immerse the viewer in the horror of Mind Who Lives for Killing Humans .
I wonder why so many controversies: at Christmas we have to pretend to be any good? At Christmas we have to pretend that there is a beautiful and good world?
Spectacle of crime? A little bit, yes, but how many television programs projecting free images and excessive at times to make audience?
Perhaps more than the spectacle of the crime, we can speak of information, because the exhibition helps relaizzare the brutality of certain human beings, people who may well be neighbors. Open your eyes and see that the serial killer is not the only villain of the TV series, not so negative.
From Serial Killer you can go instead to the Sand Nativity, the Sand Crib largest of Italy awaits in Piazza Marconi in a heated marquee and now has reached the fourteenth edition. This year the Statue of sand that has been dedicated the crib is that of Pope Francis, the symbol of the true bearer of Peace. Entrance free offer that will be donated to charity as now for a couple of years. Sculptors from around the world gather each year to give life, to mold with sand scenes from the Nativity … and every year they can give strong emotions!
And for 31.12, for the magical night of farewell to 2015 and welcome 2016, Jesolo is colored by open bars, restaurants, and especially two big shows.
The show in Piazza Mazzini , outdoor, free with the Festival Show of Radio and Radio Bella e Monella Birikina. Will be on stage in Piazza all’aèerto fine artists, singers of our scene singing, all enriched by choreography, and all coordinated by the godmother Giorgia Palmas. From 22:00 to midnight so much music, so many lights and midnight the coast will be burned by fireworks to welcome the New Year.
For those who can stand the cold, to shovel Arrex, two runs for divers dance styles, DJ sets and special guest Skin of Skunk Anansie. It will also set up a VIP area for those who want to book a table and be more comfortable.
Even our Giuliano Veronese will liven up the evening for most awaited night of the year.
Obviously, for those staying many hotels, especially among the 3 star hotels (, they decided to open for a few days and accommodate those who choose us all the year!
Happy 2016 to all, choose Jesolo that is always ready to present you emotions!

Jesolo, a City for all Seasons

Jesolo is a seaside resort living a powerful detachment between summer and winter. The city of Jesolo known in summer with the equipped beach, with bars on the beach, evening parties on the beach , the Jesolo nightlife with discos, nightclubs, water games, playgrounds for children and much, much more. We all know of the endless car queues to arrive in Jesolo or leave from Jesolo, especially on a Sunday or other hot days, despite the building of the tunnel . We all know the difficulties of parking, we all have a clear idea of how many restaurants, shops are opened on the main street, Via Bafile. (Http://www.hoteltorinojesolo.en/hotel-bafile-jesolo.html)
Tourists coming during the summer often wonder how we live in Jesolo in winter time. And not only tourists, often also friends who live in cities are wondering whether Jesolo winter is completely dead. Indeed, people often believe that everything is completely closed, that there are no activities of any kind. A city post atomic bomb, people imagine Jesolo in winter with all closed shops,all pubs closed ,no cultural activity, nothing, nothing at all,.
And here I am to break a lance for Jesolo. Given that the City of Jesolo has about 26,000 inhabitants, and they are not few, and these people have the basic needs fully met by the city. Shopping malls are open in winter, and as well as shopping centers, as well a good half,let’s say a third of the shops on the Bafile street. Bakeries, bars, shoemakers, hairdressers, barbers, everything is at your fingertips in Jesolo, because you do not need certainly to take the car and go somewhere else. In Jesolo, in winter we live a less crazy life, perhaps a more balanced life without queuing problems, without parking problems and with the fresh air of the sea, with its winter dress, takes us poetically towards the summer.
The sea, with its winter shades gives us real poetry for our eys and allows us healthy walks . We have plenty of places open for a coffee, a cake, for lunch or dinner out, certainly not as many as in summer, but believe that we have full choice. I often find myself shooting like crazy to try a piece of clothing and then, I find it in Jesolo. We lead a normal life in Jesolo in winter, we are not survivors, absolutely no!
But Jesolo in winter lives also of cultural, theater, conventions. Remind that the last two winters, Jesolo on weekends in winter was assaulted for the shows Real Bodies and then Bodies Revealed. The plastinated bodies have benn sent abroad at the beginning of this winter and, seeing the trucks that took them away was a little like losing friends. A strange feeling,aftrer becoming accustomed with their presence .
This year, as in the past 14 years,on 8th December The Sand nativity was inaugurated :the largest Sand Crib in Italy, with scenes of the birth of Jesus and charismatic bearers of Peace. This year, the central figure of the Sand Nativity could not be that Pope Francis, as a symbol of Peace. The entrance to the Sand Nativity is free, an offer is well accepoted as in the last years, the proceeds are donated to charity.
One Sunday, a weekend in Jesolo become interesting even in winter time , : one can enjoy a walk along the sandy beach, one can admire the Sand Nativity, but not only. Jesolo, this year, as in the past years, has organized , during the Christmas time , the Jesolo on ice, the ice skating ring is open every day, with one hour break on Sunday. One can experience the atmosphere of the Northern Countries, including lights, sounds, colors and stalls. And do not forget The New Year Party in Jesolo, and already start requests by mail. The godmother of the 2015 Festival Show that will start to shoot at 10.00 pm at Mazzini Square will be Giorgia Palmas and the music of the new year Party of Jesolo will be entertained by dancing, coreographies, shows , and, at the stroke of midnight by the inevitable fireworks. The locals will not fail to warm up with hot drinks and even alcoholic drinks, although we recommend moderation.
Remind the spirituals in the churches in Jesolo at Christmas time, and the exhibition of cribs at the Bounty Pub until 31 January 2016.All these events related to the Christmas season, join the theatrical season of the Vivaldi Theatre , always well fed and alive, to index a city that lives in the cold months, and that certainly does not go into hibernation.
And we hoteliers, in addition to live our Jesolo and what it offers us , we are in constant turmoil for the renovations. We listen to the trends of the summer, we hear the Tourists’ voicest, and, in winter, we try to improve, to restructure, to overcome our weaknesses and shortcomings of the structure. Major renovations taking place in the cold months in hotels in Jesolo Lido, in a sign of a city that lives and a large nation of people who work in tourism and that does not stop growing, that studies, which updates and improves the facilities for receiving for make them worthy of the city whose skyline is being enriched with the great names of architects.
And we the Hotel Torino, as every winter, we are doing major work, this year more localized, but aimed to start a project to upgrade the structure seriously going to touch and change the weaknesses of the hotel.
Living a Jesolo, Jesolo a living, a Jesolo to enjoy in every climate and in every nuance.

The ideal Hotelier in Jesolo, in 3-star Hotels

Possessed by my desire to implement my blog,i have benn wonmdering for the last days how it should be the perfect hotelier. Let’s say that, after 25 years of working in tourism and 20 years devoted specifically to the hotel, I can afford to draw the lines for the ideal hotelier ; then reality is so hard, so hard that the ideal remains there at the top, is the figure all the hoteliers are aspiring to; we are as free climbers devoting energies to reach the summit, with constant and continuous slips.
Even in my experience in a 3 star hotel in Jesolo, I realized how it has become more and more essential to grow in professionalism and be 100% aware of what it means to be a hotelier.
And in fact I titled the article ” Portrait of the ideal hotelier in Jesolo ”, because I prefer to talk about my specific reality and experience, though, I strongly believe that the traits are common to all hoteliers worldwide. Do not we live in a global era?
1st Talent :The Patience
Anyone who has to deal with so many people, must have great patience and self-control . If you do not have , change jobs: lock yourself in the office and interact with few people. The hotel is a seaport, so many people are passing , each one with hisher history, each with hisher own problems, with hosher anxieties and joys.
Then when the customer pays for a service, it is logical that he is very attentive, and now even more so, because internet has opened the eyes , has given gave means to control and monitor.
In a a hotel, with the amount of customers managed, the chances to lose your patience are so many , you must tap into the self control, patience. Maybe you put your soul, your heart, your lungs and liver in your work and to explain word for word what you offer,but, in case of problems be patient. Attack is an attempt to try to put the customer with his back to the wall, but it’s worth it? Better to try to explain patiently and find a compromise.
2nd Talent : the Courage to Update
The hotelier cannot ever give up, the world is changing and at a high speed. The market is global, Tourism 2.0 is now 3.0, the Socials are gaining more and more space, portals are a help but a threat to B2C, Business to Client, to the direct relationship with the customer without intermediation.
Each day a new social appear, every day a new Ota appear , every day goes faster. And, if you want to keep up, you have to update, to go back to school, take courses, invest time and money to be on the web and to be on the web with awareness and consciousness.
It is not easy, when you work for so many years to admit that you have to learn yet so much .But this is reality and if you deny it , you deny the reality, your job and you Brand.
I remember the first years of my work : the market was moving on other channels, reservations rained almost from the sky, but if the hotel had not understood the need to update , certainly, we would not have had the chance to be and to continue working.
3rd Talent: Be Ready to be always the Second (I quote from
I read this article but I quote it , because it si so deeply true: the hotelier is always after the customer. The customer may not always be right, but we are here for him, to meet his needs, to look for solutions. We are here in his function. If you want to be the peacock, change jobs, you will always remain the hen and the customer is the rooster .
4th Talent :to be a Problem Solver
When so many people go, stay, eat, go to the beach, park, use the wi fi, sleep, have shower … there will be some problem or other every day: from the discharged battery of a car, the technicalò problems, the Client who expects something you have never promised, the pèroblems with the staff , with the suppliers and many others.
You must be able to face the problems with patience and with the humility of one who knows he is there to work for the people happiness on holiday. ” Calm and Chalk ”, as the saying goes, and a solution must be found. If you lack the practical sense, then works only in theory, the life of a hotel is packed with practical problems.
5th Talent : The Attitude of Sacrifice
In no technical blog you will find this quality, but this will be shared and understood immediately by people working in a hotel.
The sacrifice of which I speak is that of your personal life, especially in hotels in Jesolo, seasonal hotel. When you live, eat, sleep, cry, rejoice for the 6 months of the season in the hotel , share your living space with customers, you need to sacrifice your private life : it becomes second to the job.
As i have written before: you are second, Put it away!
6th Talent : Equilibrism
You have to keep the balance with the staff, the customers, even with yourself at some point . Tu rule the staff is a hard balancing job, you must be a home -made diplomat . If the staff is in disagreement this is perceived immediately by the Guests, and therefore one of the most important and difficult balance is just the staff quietness.
Therefore you have to struggle to reach balance in human relations, balance with the authorities, with suppliers, with customers and the staff. We hoteliers sell happiness, because we sell the product holiday, the momen of our lives when we exact relax.
If we endure in everyday life inconveniences, problems and stress because life is this, of course we are not prepared to accept them on vacation. Logical consideration. On Holidays all Customers reach great expectations of relaxation and serenity, it is logical that the landlord has to be a tightrope walker to maintain balance and ‘giving’ (in the broad sense, because the guest pays for it) the long-awaited relaxation
Mini Survey on Socials (
When I set out to write this article, I asked in the socials suggestions and I tried to do a mini survey among friends and customers, and the answers were many. Allow me to list them to get to a final
-Valentina Carpenedo It must be a great problem solver and always have a smile on his face
-Gianluca La Macchia must become interested in how his staff works from cleaning the rooms to the restaurant. Have good taste for furnishing and put mattresses comfortable. Client attention
-Gianluca La Macchia Always be able to give definite answers to customers seeking information
-Gianluca La Macchia Having the ability to make their guests feel unique
-Guido Bertolazzi must simply “dressed” by the customer himself.
-Emanuela Camozzi Impressing with small surprises for customers, or various kindnesses. Smile and the importance of not being too intrusive
-Marcella Tanese Giovanna you are the perfect hotelier
-Antonella Caratti you are perfct hotelier
-Daniela Elizabeth must have a good masseuse
-Anna Grando Serenity, courtesy and common sense!
-Nino Salpietro Availability education and smiles all I have found in you a hug and a thought hello
-Szilvia Szanto’s like you Giovanna Identical
7th Talent : Smiles, Gentleness and availability, that is, Humanity
Reading attentively the survey, I see that what you expect is always a smile, availability, kindness. Be greeted with a warm sincere smile, a coffee offered if the waiting room stretches a little, a chat, a gift to the customer are ways to give a little joy, and the tourist does not feel himself an anonymous number walking through the hotel. The crowd surfing : to know how to talk to people, to launch in the middle of them, listen, chat becomes essential for the hotelier
I speak about Jesolo, and especially about 3-star hotels in Jesolo ( where my experience has developed ,but I firmly believe that in Jesolo we walked and we are still walking firmly towards this ideal. I see it in me, but I see it also in my colleagues: we are sofar away from family boarding houses which swarmed Jesolo at the beginning . We have grown, and we are aware that much we must grow yet. Good climbing to all of us hoteliers

Jesolo is both Beach and So Much Sport

Jesolo, a city that grows and renews itself, but above all a seaside resort has to offer much more than what we often believe at first sight.
After I asked what can a tourist in Jesolo in a previous blog, today I asked myself that sport can be practiced in Jesolo and Jesolo mni they are documented between friends, between internet and my experiences and what they can offer the Hotel turin
In Jesolo you can swim, but this is very trivial, but I want to add that if your children need swimming lessons, we can easily find the Hotel Torino certified individuals, we know personally, that can make them face the ‘Water in a professional manner. On the other hand, in Jesolo was awarded the Green Flag for the third consecutive year. The Green Flag is the flag assigned to the best beaches for children (shallow water near the shore, clean sand, shallow water, lifeguards, security services, games on the beach, accommodation family-jesolo.html increasingly dedicated to families with children). So, what better occasion of your holiday in Jesolo to not teach your children to swim? We rely on to https: // … .Basta ask, even before arriving and without problems, we have suitable contacts is for you that for your children.
To remain in the field of water, did you know that our city has a real sailing school called Sun & Sea which offers sailing lessons on the beach? If you are experienced and have a minimum 18 years, you can also rent a boat
The strong appeal of the sea breeze is the perfect embodiment in Bridgman Water Sport Center with instructors and all you need for kite surfing, windsurfing and more. Perhaps our sea is not the most suitable for certain sports, but do not think that you do not engage in Jesolo! oh no. The center is also very near the hotel, about 1 km …
The gyms are close, and if on vacation do not want to leave the Centre, 1, max 2 km where you can visit you and work out, warning us to the hotel with a little notice, for fitness enthusiasts harder, we are ready to make you find white egg, protein bars or whey protein or soy …. Just let us know what you prefer and we will be at your disposal. If you are on vacation you can not buy you everything, but, giving us directions, our food will be suitable for your personalized diet, if no salt, if particular products, if double ration of protein … no fear, we are here for sports.
To whom is close to the sea just jogging in the morning, Jesolo We Pay Village: a well equipped center with tennis courts, soccer and basketball on .. Play the Village is also frequented by lovers of the wheels, thanks to the large skate park, and it is dedicated to the children a fun baby corner. Each end of the season or half season also our staff organizes a football tournament among hotel staff and staff of the pub pizzeria. Do not ask me who wins, sometimes the customers involved and we no longer understand who belongs to which team! Play Village is however open all year
And let us not forget the chance to try the go kart at Pista Azzurra, exercise facilities for children aged 7 and up with a track that runs for 1,085 meters. Go kart is exciting, it feels Formula 1 drivers, you can taste the strip of concrete that runs under the wheels, a great feeling, an emotion that can make the holiday in Jesolo even more special and ‘creepy.
We, as a hotel, we decided to become a walk Hotel, a hotel belonging to the product club for lovers of Nordic walking and that means we are in close contact with the group of Nordic walkers in Jesolo, with certified instructors, their suggestions for walks in the moonlight, at dawn, in the alternative routes. And, from hotels that love sports, we provide sticks appropriate that our client has experienced rated as excellent, bars and energy drinks, and I wash clothes after the grueling sport.
Jesolo also hosts the ‘Shooting Range’ al Vecio Piave, with 5 shooting ranges multipurpose, a qualified school of Tyre is addressed to those who are beginners to those with expertise in the field. And for the summer like the vecio he organized a shooting school open to the guests of the hotel facilities. Maybe you can try, though perhaps a shot at flying is more popular with those who already practice this sport concentranzione and total relaxation … at that moment, when you aim, the brain relaxes, focuses only on the target , and leave the rest, a moment of ‘one to one’, of great intimacy and silence in themselves.
And other sports of nature, concentration on oneself, relaxation, enjoyment and exercise of the green, as well as concentration is certainly the course. And Jesolo boasts a golf course respectable, immersed in a sweet green nature, equipped to perfection. During 2015 were made some offers, including those of Wednesday, 50% discount for all ladies golf, a Wednesday in pink, the color that we’re thinking of using some services plus to donate or discount to our Customers women.
Researching what our city offers, I found the riding center city of Jesolo, what could be more beautiful horse, a ride in the countryside, with these sensitive animals and noble, but if you start to ride on vacation, know that there are courses for beginners, for those who want to test the beauty and freedom that this sport can offer.
Of course I try everything, you can not of course, but the chances in Jesolo Lido there, na our #jesolobeach is at the forefront, as bike paths that cover a long and varied path http: //www.piste-,-0.107031/13 this link it will be useful to get an idea of ​​the variety and possibilities of pedal you have. At the Hotel for many years now we are free to rent bicycles for those who want a ride, more or less serious. If guests arrive on vacation with their bicycles, which often happens in the case of fans with bicycles highly technical, as well as knowing how to advise where to go, VI would like to put the bikes in service rooms that are often free or to bring them into the elevator into the terrace of your room. Certainly not demand that you leave the bike outside unattended: maximum respect for the sport and for the equipment of guests.
Let us not forget tennis, beach volleyball tournaments on the beach in style American Style, or animation and gymnastics given by our Consortium in Lido beach of Lombardi.
In short, the more you have, the more goal, and Jesolo certainly offers a lot, not only in terms of entertainment, not only in terms of night life, but also in terms of sports. The fact remains that if we want to, you can bring with us in the gym in the afternoon and we could establish a real challenge … who loses offers spritz, an aperitif after returning from Gymnasium. In the summer, I’m out of step, out of shape and out of concentration, but whether to challenge, that challenge is. I wait for you …. Free lounging, free to challenge me in the gym, free to practice some sport, free to give you the nightlife and to sleep under a beach umbrella.
We are here to make you feel free on vacation

What is a Hotel, or better what is Hotel Torino?

I found myself, running around the web, to read an article by a blog about what a # albergo.In this article have reported several opinions by more or less famous, such as copy and paste, and what is written in the blog:
The hotel is where you can give more than you expect. (Philippe Terryn – Manager Accor Hotels)
The hotel to me is … a nice room with a view. (Lele Luttazzi – Designer)
The hotel is the place where no one bothers me and where everyone respects my desire to isolate myself. (Vasco Rossi – Songwriter)
The hotel is the best set for people going, or is going. (Stefano Giraldi – Photographer)
The hotel is primarily a destination. I am looking for charm, charm and a comfortable bathroom. (Mario Monicelli – Director)
It ‘easy to say by theorists what a hotel, but for those who live there, for those who organize, for those who work there, what a hotel?
Surely the job, a source of income, but, when you get in a hotel, you by Customer, live an emotion, you feel a sensation. To give one, rather LA feeling, first you have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the hotel you’re going to ” color with your target ” and your potential customers.
When I arrived at the Hotel Torino, I quickly deduced that it was a lost game devote customer business. The business does not usually use the sea as a base. Elementary analysis: hotel a few meters from the sea, attached to one of the queens of the Movida Jesolana #movidajesolana squares, Piazza Mazzini, a cook been run for years with very authentic dishes, light, but with a home cooking led me to strengthen certain characteristics, buffets, breakfasts, the facilities for children and you’re done! The Hotel Torino has focused on the customer right: the family, the young with their weekends with their bachelor hen, couples.
But this is not the essence, the essence is to give a ” taste ”, a ” color ” .With the hotel owners who are present in the hotel, why not give the impression of House? and behold, the second part of the game was made: the Hotel Torino is Your House at Sea. I wish that when the customer arrives at the hotel feel at your ease, not observed, judged, looked coldly. Will also hot in summer, but a welcome super professional and cold, makes me cringe, and we use to freshen the air conditioning. When I see and hear the children who, after lunch, they play a pillow in the living room, they laugh, make changes, this is music to my ears, as well as groups of young people who celebrate the hen and celibacy, and that if they fall a little loudly late at night, they leave the reception the note saying that they, gentlemen, that means I’m getting closer to my goal: the guest feels free, like in your house. It is difficult that the guest abuses of this freedom, indeed, if he loves this atmosphere of conviviality, a few rules, but a lot of freedom to enjoy, freedom to have fun, there is usually only the respect and often the back.
Then choose our hotel means savoring the House, however, while at home you have to work, cooking, cleaning, in this great house we think we to you! We are here for and we do it with dedication and also with a little pride, we admit it.
We wait, and we’d like to hear your comments, perhaps on the facebook page of the hotel where you can also tell the hotel your perception and perception you have had us!

Jesolo is only Fun and Sun tanning?

This year the Hotel Torino has decided to join the Daily News of Jesolo, to give a service to its customers: the service of information and as mentioned in the article written on the Daily News, the Hotel us that we’re a little locked to work during the summer season, we realized that there is a Jesolo eventful, events, parties, dancing in the streets.
With the calm of winter, I wonder what it means, if a tourist wants to do something in addition to tan, a week’s holiday in Jesolo. Staying here, not just enjoy sunbathing, good food, but it means we can do a lot, maybe too much. We begin with a day to devote to the nearby Venice, which is easily reached from the bus and ferry landing tourists almost in Piazza San Marco. And if you’re visiting Venice well, you have to dedicate at least one day walking in the streets, without denying the entry into the Basilica San Marco and the Doge’s Palace … but everything else is seen, from Rialto, Accademia, fields Most interesting, the Scala del Bovolo … and so on and so forth. Even if you book the full board in the hotel, we are very flexible and, the day of sightseeing in Venice, can be charged as a half board or bed and breakfast if you want to also concentrate on romantic Venetian evening. The alternative is that you ask the pack lunch.
Another day, for the most avid of tourism, it can be dedicated to the islands of the lagoon, priceless treasures, pearls living a life of other times in the middle of the Venetian lagoon.
But there are pearls also easily reachable by car, as Caorle Treviso or that, without taking up too much in the tourist guide, allow him an interesting foray outside the usual Jesolo, not to mention other cities a little more challenging in terms of mileage to achieve.
Our Jesolo but also offers much without moving, without moving out of the city: a day at Aqualandia, the water park that offers fun and adrenaline junkies, it should certainly spent if you spend a few days in Jesolo. Slides, bars, restaurants, Battle Intrigue, Pool for Children, Tibetan Bridge and so on and so forth. If you have children, Aqualandia will be a paradise for them, but also for adults do not mess around.
And how about a few hours on the Jolly Roger ?, the pirate ship that will embark directly from the dock on our private beach, arrived aboard verreta tattooed for the start of the tests, the assault on the pirate galleon opponent to find the cargo hold full of treasures, and I guarantee you that when I see children and adults who come to lunch after the battles on the Pirate Galleon, I see shining eyes, bandanas, swords, tattoos and much appetite for battle with the pirates. Parents are having fun as their kids!
And how about the Ferris Wheel? With its 60 meters high, its 42 air-conditioned cabins and closed, you will enjoy a wonderful landscape, the lagoon, seen from the coast as a whole, reaching with his eyes the skyline of Venice. We are going to arrange weddings on the Ferris Wheel creating a VIP cabin!
Summer 2015 also saw the exhibition Bodies Revealed, the exhibition of plastinated bodies, allowing us to make a travel through our body, thanks to the technique of plastination which keeps the human body in the state that has been plastinated. Bodies of athletes during the execution of the sport, sick bodies, in mestasi tumor, and more of everything. A travel through our muscles, through the lungs, through the wonderful and perfect kingdom that is our body. After Real Bodies, in Jesolo we had Bodies Revealed, is because of the huge success of this exhibition, which is doing a world tour that will arrive in Lisbon.
Very interesting alternative to the beach, maybe in gloomy days, they may be the Sea Life, which is easily accessible being close to the bus terminal, with its interactive tanks, the tunnel where you can walk and see themselves coircondati by fish, certainly you It looks like an aquarium worthy of respect with sharks, octopuses, rays, turtles, tropical seahorses.
And if that were not enough, Jesolo offers the tropicarium with reptiles, butterflies, turtles, insects, predators … This summer has led to a tropical tartarigana that after so much effort, after days in the incubator, managed to move and kick. What a joy to see the photo of the turtle wandering around the web, and we, with great happiness we shared about our social pages. That tenderness see it on the scale that marked 15 grams! And still we share, because I’ve gotten spoiled us Hotel turin
Not to mention the nightlife of Jesolo, the premises, the Mercedes stand at 50 meters from the hotel, which organizes the mortazza party, where groups of hen and stag who were with us, they left us sobriety! The wall partition, the disco for the young, the Capanniona with its aperitifs on the beach, as well as the elegant Marina Club or Terrace sea to the lighthouse.
Do not tell me that in Jesolo there is nothing to do!
You want the hotels bicycles Turin and will address in a wonderful, out of this world and time? Lio Piccolo, a spit of land in the middle of the lagoon, a wonder with small villages, birds, lagoon, silence and a pace of life that goes back in time. A magic eye, ear, for all our senses. All customers who have followed my suggestion going there or by bike, or by car or take a walk returned to the hotel with different eyes, filled with gratitude and enthusiasm.
Therefore, their Gentlemen, I expect you to Jesolo, where boredom reigns NOT SOVEREIGN, where you can relax, or RELAX AND ENRICH YOUR HEART! We are waiting for the next summer, and every day will keep you informed about news and activities!

Jesolo : Satisfied or Refunded

During 2014, due to bad weather that has haunted tour operators and tourists together, for the entire summer the summer, we were often in front of customers who have asked us why not rimborsavamo, as published on the web and in the press days of bad weather.
In fact, the money-back about the booking of the umbrella, is a service that allows the reimbursement, under certain conditions and in the face of an increase of 1 € uro, the amount paid to buy a place on the beach at the beach clubs ‘purchase of the service takes place during the purchase process online site
After choosing the date of booking, the customer can choose the option of service “Tanned or money back”, insert the requested data and extreme credit card to receive a voucher
On the day of use of the service the customer is entitled REFUND THE ENTIRE AMOUNT paid if they occur exclusively the terms of repayment
The climatic conditions to ensure repayment will have in case of rain with precipitation the hours between 11 and 17 hours of at least 3 mm.E for what will be referred to the site Arpav Veneto
It ‘s definitely a great option that you have an extra charge, however small, but for a beach is feasible, given that rents only the umbrella, while rent a hotel room, breakfast, parking, meals, the sheets …. So many services are still provided with the customer in house even if there is bad weather
I see the positive side of everything: Jesolo goes ahead, tries to renew itself and I personally went to inform me well not make mistakes against a clientele that we try to treat at its best