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Jesolo is only Fun and Sun tanning?

This year the Hotel Torino has decided to join the Daily News of Jesolo, to give a service to its customers: the service of information and as mentioned in the article written on the Daily News, the Hotel us that we’re a little locked to work during the summer season, we realized that there is a Jesolo eventful, events, parties, dancing in the streets.
With the calm of winter, I wonder what it means, if a tourist wants to do something in addition to tan, a week’s holiday in Jesolo. Staying here, not just enjoy sunbathing, good food, but it means we can do a lot, maybe too much. We begin with a day to devote to the nearby Venice, which is easily reached from the bus and ferry landing tourists almost in Piazza San Marco. And if you’re visiting Venice well, you have to dedicate at least one day walking in the streets, without denying the entry into the Basilica San Marco and the Doge’s Palace … but everything else is seen, from Rialto, Accademia, fields Most interesting, the Scala del Bovolo … and so on and so forth. Even if you book the full board in the hotel, we are very flexible and, the day of sightseeing in Venice, can be charged as a half board or bed and breakfast if you want to also concentrate on romantic Venetian evening. The alternative is that you ask the pack lunch.
Another day, for the most avid of tourism, it can be dedicated to the islands of the lagoon, priceless treasures, pearls living a life of other times in the middle of the Venetian lagoon.
But there are pearls also easily reachable by car, as Caorle Treviso or that, without taking up too much in the tourist guide, allow him an interesting foray outside the usual Jesolo, not to mention other cities a little more challenging in terms of mileage to achieve.
Our Jesolo but also offers much without moving, without moving out of the city: a day at Aqualandia, the water park that offers fun and adrenaline junkies, it should certainly spent if you spend a few days in Jesolo. Slides, bars, restaurants, Battle Intrigue, Pool for Children, Tibetan Bridge and so on and so forth. If you have children, Aqualandia will be a paradise for them, but also for adults do not mess around.
And how about a few hours on the Jolly Roger ?, the pirate ship that will embark directly from the dock on our private beach, arrived aboard verreta tattooed for the start of the tests, the assault on the pirate galleon opponent to find the cargo hold full of treasures, and I guarantee you that when I see children and adults who come to lunch after the battles on the Pirate Galleon, I see shining eyes, bandanas, swords, tattoos and much appetite for battle with the pirates. Parents are having fun as their kids!
And how about the Ferris Wheel? With its 60 meters high, its 42 air-conditioned cabins and closed, you will enjoy a wonderful landscape, the lagoon, seen from the coast as a whole, reaching with his eyes the skyline of Venice. We are going to arrange weddings on the Ferris Wheel creating a VIP cabin!
Summer 2015 also saw the exhibition Bodies Revealed, the exhibition of plastinated bodies, allowing us to make a travel through our body, thanks to the technique of plastination which keeps the human body in the state that has been plastinated. Bodies of athletes during the execution of the sport, sick bodies, in mestasi tumor, and more of everything. A travel through our muscles, through the lungs, through the wonderful and perfect kingdom that is our body. After Real Bodies, in Jesolo we had Bodies Revealed, is because of the huge success of this exhibition, which is doing a world tour that will arrive in Lisbon.
Very interesting alternative to the beach, maybe in gloomy days, they may be the Sea Life, which is easily accessible being close to the bus terminal, with its interactive tanks, the tunnel where you can walk and see themselves coircondati by fish, certainly you It looks like an aquarium worthy of respect with sharks, octopuses, rays, turtles, tropical seahorses.
And if that were not enough, Jesolo offers the tropicarium with reptiles, butterflies, turtles, insects, predators … This summer has led to a tropical tartarigana that after so much effort, after days in the incubator, managed to move and kick. What a joy to see the photo of the turtle wandering around the web, and we, with great happiness we shared about our social pages. That tenderness see it on the scale that marked 15 grams! And still we share, because I’ve gotten spoiled us Hotel turin
Not to mention the nightlife of Jesolo, the premises, the Mercedes stand at 50 meters from the hotel, which organizes the mortazza party, where groups of hen and stag who were with us, they left us sobriety! The wall partition, the disco for the young, the Capanniona with its aperitifs on the beach, as well as the elegant Marina Club or Terrace sea to the lighthouse.
Do not tell me that in Jesolo there is nothing to do!
You want the hotels bicycles Turin and will address in a wonderful, out of this world and time? Lio Piccolo, a spit of land in the middle of the lagoon, a wonder with small villages, birds, lagoon, silence and a pace of life that goes back in time. A magic eye, ear, for all our senses. All customers who have followed my suggestion going there or by bike, or by car or take a walk returned to the hotel with different eyes, filled with gratitude and enthusiasm.
Therefore, their Gentlemen, I expect you to Jesolo, where boredom reigns NOT SOVEREIGN, where you can relax, or RELAX AND ENRICH YOUR HEART! We are waiting for the next summer, and every day will keep you informed about news and activities!