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Jesolo : not only Sun and beach but also so much Sport and Fitness

Jesolo, a city that grows and renews itself, but above all a seaside resort has to offer much more than what we often believe at first sight.After asking, in a previous article blog, what can do a tourist in Jesolo , today I’ve asked myself which sport can be practiced in Jesolo .
In Jesolo you can swim, but this is very trivial, but I want to add that if your children need swimming lessons, you can easily find at Hotel Torino certified instructors who can make them face the ‘Water in a professional manner. On the other hand, Jesolo was awarded the Green Flag for the third consecutive year. The Green Flag is the flag assigned to the best beaches for children (shallow water near the shore, clean sand, shallow water, lifeguards, security services, games on the beach, accommodation – https://www.hoteltorinojesolo.it/hotel- family-jesolo.html – increasingly dedicated to families with children). So, no best chance of your holiday in Jesolo to teach your children to swim! We entrust ourselves to https://www.facebook.com/Andrea-Fiorin-Prep-fisico-Specialista-della-ria… .It is enough to ask, even before arriving and without problems, we have suitable contacts both for you and for your children.
To remain in the field of water, did you know that our city has a real sailing school called Sun & Sea which offers sailing lessons on the beach? If you are experienced and have a minimum 18 years, you can also rent a boat
The strong appeal of the sea breeze is the perfect embodiment in Bridgman Water Sport Center with instructors and all you need for kite surfing, windsurfing and more. Perhaps our sea is not the most suitable for this kind of sports, but, please, do not think that you cannot pratice them in Jesolo! oh no. The center is also very close to the hotel, about 1 km ..
The gyms are close, and if on vacation, you do not want to stop your training, 1 or max 2 km, you can find the Gyms. Informing the hotel, for the stronger fitness enthusiasts we are ready to make you find white egg, protein bars or whey protein or soy protein …. Just let us know what you prefer and we will be at your disposal. If you are on vacation you can not buy everything, but, giving us directions, our food will be suitable for your personalized diet : no salt, specific products, double ratio of protein … no fear, we are here for you and to satisfy you.
If morning jogging along the beach is not enough, Jesolo offers Play Village: a well equipped center with tennis courts, soccer and basketball .. The Play Village is also attended by lovers of the wheels, thanks to the large skate park, and it is dedicated to the children with a fun baby corner. Each end of the season or half season the hotel staff organize a football match – hotel staff vs pubpizzzeria staff . Do not ask me who wins, sometimes the customers are involved in the match and we no longer understand who belongs to which team! the Play Village is however open all year
And do not forget the chance to try the go kart at Pista Azzurra with a track that runs for 1,085 meters amd with chances to pratice Kart also for children of minimum 7 years. Go karting is exciting, one feels like Formula 1 drivers, one can ‘taste’ the strip of concrete that runs under the wheels, a great feeling, an emotion that can make the holiday in Jesolo even more special and exciting.
We, as a hotel, we decided to become a walk Hotel, a hotel belonging to the Hotels suitable for lovers of Nordic walking – https://www.hoteltorinojesolo.it/walk-hotel-jesolo.html – and that means we are in close contact with the group of Nordic walkers in Jesolo, with certified instructors, their suggestions for walks in the moonlight, at dawn, in the alternative routes. And,as a suitable hotel for Nordic Walking, we provide sticks appropriate that our client has experienced rated as excellent, bars and energy drinks, and I wash clothes after the grueling sport.
Jesolo also hosts the ‘Shooting Range’ al Vecio Piave, with 5 shooting ranges multipurpose, a qualified school of Tyre is addressed to those who are beginners to those with expertise in the field. And for the summer like the vecio he organized a shooting school open to the guests of the hotel facilities. Maybe you can try, though perhaps a shot at flying is more popular with those who already practice this sport concentranzione and total relaxation … at that moment, when you aim, the brain relaxes, focuses only on the target , and leave the rest, a moment of ‘one to one’, of great intimacy and silence in themselves.
And other sports of nature, concentration on oneself, relaxation, enjoyment and exercise of the green, as well as concentration is certainly the golf. And Jesolo boasts a golf course respectable, immersed in a sweet green nature, perfectly equipped . In 2015 Summer Season the Golf Club published some offers, including those of Wednesdays : 50% discount for all ladies , a Wednesday in pink, the color that we’re thinking as a marketing colour for some plus free or discounted services to our Ladies Customers
Researching what our city offers in terms of sport, I have found the riding center of Jesolo : what could be more beautiful than a horse ride in the countryside or along the beach with these sensitive and noble animals .If you start riding on vacation there are courses organized for beginners, for those who want to test the beauty and freedom offered by this sport
Of course you cannot try everything, but a tourist has plenty of chances in Jesolo Lido #jesolobeach . Do not forget that for bike lovers the city of Jesolo has organized several and varied bike paths , you can check some of them here at this link http: //www.piste- ciclabili.com/comune-jesolo#map=-0.164473,-0.107031/13 , a useful link to get an idea of ​​the variety and possibilities of bike riding you have. Hotel Torino, since 2011 rent freely bicycles for Clients,. If guests arrive here at the Hotel with their bicycles, which often happens in the case of fans with highly technical bicycles , as well as knowing how to advise where to go, we put the bikes in service rooms that are often free or let them bring their bycicles to thier room balconies by using the lift. For sure , we do not pretend them to leave the bikes outside unattended: maximum respect for the sport and for the equipment of guests.
Let’s remind the dear, old tennis, beach volleyball tournaments on the beach in style American Style, or animation and gymnastics organized on the beach.
In short, Jesolo certainly offers a lot, not only in terms of entertainment, not only in terms of night life, but also in terms of sports. You can come with us in the gym in the afternoon and we could establish a real challenge … who loses offers spritz, an aperitif after returning from the Gymns. In Summer time we are out of shape and out of concentration, but the challenge is always accepted , we just wait for you. You you have to feel free : free to relax completely, free to challenge me in the gym, free to practice some sports and to ask us advice, free to devote to the nightlife and to sleep under a beach umbrella.
We are here to make you feel free on Holidays