The coronavirus this winter is gripping our Country, and the whole world. We hotels in Jesolo do not deny that we are highly concerned about health, work and the whole economy. The concern is global, not only of the hotels in Jesolo Lido.
In Venice the problem has been  that the whole hotels have been closed during their high season; in Jesolo we find ourselves in an equally serious and difficult situation to manage for various reasons:

Usually in this period the hotels in Jesolo begin to make job interviews and to establish  the staff recruitment dates, as well as the fateful opening date. This year we cannot fix job interviews,  but above all, we are unable to give an answer on the starting date of the work. We are in total chaos and we cannot give answers or certainties to those who will have to work with us.
As at the moment we receive  cancellations not so much for the season,  but most of all for April and May, we cannot understand how much staff we should have to recruite. We don’t know, nor can we know, if the season will fully recover. We will probably start with a a minum staff  and then eventually will recruite more people if reservations start arriving 

Perhaps this summer there will be the fear of traveling, especially to and from abroad as Italy is now probably facing its peak of infections and then, logically speaking, it will go down. For the rest of Europe we will instead see. Perhaps the Italians will trust us more and will be more afraid to go abroad. And the foreign tourists? In this chaotic situation, we Hotel Torino, 3-star hotel in Jesolo now allow you to book without having to pay a deposit  before the situation is solved and we all feel safe. Together, postponing the day for downpayment  if necessary several times, we will make our decision togetherwhen it is  the most appropriate time to send the downpayment . Downpayment that we never ask our regular, habitual customers
This winter is putting us to the test, and this summer, we will need a break and when times are ripe we invite you to enjoy the sea, the sun and our exquisite cuisine.

Giovanna:”My Job in a Hotel in Jesolo is a everyday defy to be 2.0”

After giving space to several people belonging to our staff , I think it is high time to tell my job experience , as i have been working for nearly twenty years at Hotel Torino.I did not start my job in tourism at  Hotel Torino, so my bases have been placed in other touristic places, but, certainly, in this hotel in Jesolo i have grown up and i have been given the gift of freedom .When I arrived at the hotel, everything was different, carpet, wooden reception desk, buffets quite simple, but in line with the running times , an old-fashioned website , no a booking on line, but the times maybe did not require them. Reservations fell from the sky in a certain way, it was enough to answer the phone, write a few data and, for the most demanding customeri had to, send a fax. The crisis had not gripped us yet, the world of the reviews had not yet peeped into our reality and Internet was still for few selected people.Can I make an observation that perhaps won’t be appreciated by the web fanatics? Those years were golden years, years perhaps less precise, easier, more money and therefore less hair or stakes in everyone’s eyes.Let’s say that i was wise enough to understand that Hotel Torino had potentialities, thanks to the position, and therefore I could increase the individual clients, not so many inherited by those who had preceded me. I risked a lot at first, eliminating a good number of groups in high season, but it was a successfull idea. I do not deny i lost lost a few nights of sleep!I was certainly helped by the owner, Dario, who, always very careful, realized he had to renovate the hotel. I remember the year I started my job, he took away all the green and red carpet (Oh my God!) that covered the entire hotel, including the dining room. In this way he gave a brightness to the hotel, and i will always thank Dario for it :my claustofobria was breathing, the new marble reception desk welcomed the Customers, so modern and innovative Vs the old wooden desk, so vintage and old-fashioned. And slowly, but continuously, every winter , the owner has changed something, fromthe room furniture , the tiles and sanitaryware in the bathrooms, led lights, countertops , convection ovens, and Hotel Torino, although still some flaws, has slowle turned up.Every winter, punctual, the Hotel presents to customers with a different make-up, with different nuances. Carefully reading the reviews, and listening to the customers themselves, Dario has worked to create shower box, perhaps, in my opinion (opinion heard), the biggest flaw of the Hotel. And this is the novelty for Summer 2016, at least for some roomsDario asked me one day: ” Can you tell me why some hotels appear first when searching in internet? ”. And from that day, fromt hat the question I started my real breakthrough work. From that question I knew I had to update myself, that the world was changing,more and more mails were arriving and I started studying, trying to understand the web.New web site, online booking system, our presence in the Ota as we call them , and our massive presence with social pages, and courses. My workstation is completely changed, from behind the desk, now i work behind the counter PC, I do not look at the fax anymore, poor old abandoned fax !This allowed me to stay on the wave, to insert myself in the changing world of tourism which now is very fast and, if you’re not there on the web, you disappear from the real world. You have to be there, you have to talk about yourself, you have to make the web talk about you, you must be a 2.0 hotel and the web is the point 0 of the truth. This thrills me, but i’m aso afraid of this chance to get world at your fingertips, but the web gives us endless possibilities.As Dario’s questions made me grow, so the first negative review hurt me, it hurted like hell, because it was a little bit (to me so much ) unfair … but it made me grow, made me realize that the Customer dissatisfaction should be managed even more carefully than in the past. Even if you’re right, you should breathe 20 times, you should think 200 times your answer and you always have to try the mediation , because the web gives you so many chances, information, even though sometimes unfairly, but, of course, the pros and cons are anywhere. But all this gave me greater ability to controll and manage my emotions and to become more positive. Sometimes ,sighing, I find myself wondering what else I can do if a customer is not satisfied, but I think clarity always repay you at the very end. I try to sell the hotel for what it is I try to maintain an intermediate line, correct and of great clarity. We live in a world full of scams, of tricks, and people are afraid, but we can not afford to cheat, to play games, because we are here with 4 floors on our heads, we can not escape, we can not run away in the night packing the hotel in a buggage. I do my best to keep up Hotel Torino Brand , I want to mantain its reputation, it’s almost like an adopted son to me .Manage this crisis, lower and lower profit margins, the constant updating of our presence on the web, portals, socials , the unbridled competition, is putting me to the test evrry day very seriously, I’m putting myself in the game, and every day I realize that I still have to learn.But everything has refined the way I do Hospitality: fundamental, and must be for everyone who works here, is the smile, the management of the customer in a serene and elastic, flexible timetable, so that for the season 2016 i wrote A press release on ” the total relaxed wake up at Hotel Torino . Sometimes, rather than a dissatisfied customer, I prefere lose the Client, if I feel I cannot satisfy hisher exigencies I give up. I swear I did it several times, but if I pick up that there are claims I can not meet with , I advise clearly to try to look around, to evaluate other hotels. Then, if the customer calls me back , no offense, I’m just more relaxed, because I have given the right information.The Hotel is a show stagine 24 hours a day, ” you sell happiness ”, one of my friends told me some years ago and from that sentence i started the parties, dinner with live music, now maybe I’ll start some evening entertainment for children, as families are an important part of our tourism, and I discovered i can also be an entertainer in 15th August Parties. In winter i study, evaluate new dishes for the menu, new proposals, new stuff to be included in the buffet, the attention and care that I have ever given to celiac customers. I have learned to listen, to read trends, i have become a human radar. Everything I do in my working adventure is designed to disintermediation, to retain, to grow the Brand Hotel Torino, And I find myself reading the google analytics, read the traffic increases, read the changes in the traffic , as, for example, the access through smart phones has become thrice bigger, i find myself analyzing the need for a responsive website, i find myself to realize that the editorial calendar for social channels brings me the fruits because the social channels keep alive the Hotel and help to increase the interest in the Hotel.I speak now of a working adventure, because every day, mypricked up ears pick up something new, each day i have to reinvent me and my job, and everyday i have to put myself in the game. Now I’m thinking of an app, but I’m afraid to spend money in advance, i’m afraid it becomes a waste of money at the moment. I think, I evaluate and then speak with the owner.My dream would be a true collaboration with some hotels, both as a group of purchase, and as a way to pass each other the exceeding bookings / inquiries, but unfortunately I have to admit that the hotels are often separate , fenced gardens, with clear boundaries. And I put this dream in the drawer. I work now in this garden, hoping to blossom beautiful flowers this summer 

The legend of the Rose ‘Bocolo’

We have now concluded this weekend pardoned by the sun, in spite of the meteorological forecasts that gave Jesolo in the rainThe weekend of April 25 is important to us, because April 25 is the Feast of Saint Mark, the patron saint of VeniceCustomers came to see me and took me three beautiful rosebuds according to the ‘custom throughout Venetian April 25 to give the beloved’ bocolo ‘as they say in Venice.And from this gift, I made me want to understand why there is this custom in  VeniceIt is said that in 800, the Doge’s daughter was loved and reciprocate a young man of humble origins, Tancredi. The Doge, given the disparity of origins, was contrary to the love of the two.The girl advised the beloved to go to battle against the Turks to show his worth and then come accepted by the father, but the young Tancredi dies in battle slumping on a rose garden. Before dying he grasps a rose turned red for blood and asks his partner to take her beloved.Young, received the news and the bud, commits suicide on April 25 and was found dead in the bud on the breastSad story of love of old, warriors, weapons, blue blood and battles … but today, if I asked someone to go and fight for me, according to you, there should be?I there is a strong doubt

Carnival Today Vs Carnival in the Past


The Carnival of Venice, if not the most impressive, is certainly the best known for the romantic charm of the past and that still gives off.900 years have elapsed from the first document that refers to this famous festival. Under the Doge Vitale Falier, already since 1904 are quotes amusement of Venice before the start of Lent, but the carnival festival becomes public in 1296Carnival does not arise, however, in Venice; its origins are pagan and date back to the ancestral cults of passage from winter to spring, cults of many companies, just remember the Latin Saturnalia or Dionysian cults
The base is one: the ruling classes let the people free from the brakes, gave the people the freedom to vent, the freedom to make fun of the powerful by wearing masks on the face. A useful escape valve to control the social tensions following the example of “bread and circuses” Latin.Once the Carnival of Venice allowed to leave aside the occupations to devote himself to the entertainment: stages were built in the main camps and people flocked to see jugglers, acrobats, animals, dancing, acrobats; trumpets, fifes and drums. Street vendors were selling dried fruit, chestnuts and fritole (pancakes) or crostoli and Galani.The Venetian has always been known for His unconditional love for fun, for the game (remember the Reduced casinos of time where they could come in and play even women) and for pleasure (remember the Calle delle Stue, the old brothels stue were called, with the home Ca ‘Rampani where prostitutes were accepted that the family had given rampanoi precisely one of their properties, Rampani House to accommodate them).
And Carnival, covered by the mask is given free rein to irresponsibility, to the whole and over: the world seemed not to offer more resistance to the desires became feasible and there was no thought or act that is not possible. This was Venice in the eighteenth century, the century, more than any other, made the scene of infinite charm and heritage of the imagination of the world. The Venice of the eighteenth century was the city of Casanova, a superficial world, festive, decorative and gallant, the city of Carlo Goldoni that well drew his wonderful City and His philosophy festive, especially during Carnival
“Here and there, the wife her husbandEveryone goes where parEvery one runs to some invitation,to those who Giocar to dance. ”
In the nineteenth century, the Carnival lost a bit ‘in student pranks and carnal spirit to plunge in Romanticism, and then crosses a time down with the fall of the Venetian Republic and the suspicious eyes of the French and Austrian. At this time of decline, the tradition is kept alive in the islands.Towards the end of 1970, the Venetians resume their Carnival and revive, the carnival is in their guts, the Serenissima always hovers over the city, you hear it, it picks up and the carnival was a riotous His expressionIn in 1979. The City of Venice, the Teatro La Fenice, the provincial company of stay and the Biennale prepared a program of 11 days leaving too much room for improvisation and spontaneity without forgetting logistical support with canteens and affordable housing accessible.We thank the Venetians to be so deeply rooted in their origins, and of having given back these wonderful days. The pastry shop windows become an irresistible temptation among pancakes of all kinds, including Venetian pastries, Galani, crostoli, around the streets of the town they pass by beautiful masks, lost in time, suspended between today and yesterday, the bacari (bars typical Venetian) dispense wine, cichetti (meatballs, cod fish on toast, sardines in sauce, all traditional Venetian appetizers), spritz in an atmosphere of extremely high alcohol contentPrivate parties in Venetian palaces, ladies and dandies in gaudy costumes sipping hot chocolate in the cafes of Piazza San Marco, or ‘ciacolano’ (chat in Venetian) accommodated lazily and nobly in Venetian hotels, carnivals, feast Arsenal: air of celebration and joy that pervades and invades the whole lagoon of Venice which is and always will be the most precious jewel.I myself can not always be at the Venice carnival although I live in Jesolo and Jesolo offers its Carnival, with masks, allegorical masks , parties and hotels in Jesolo which open as a cheap basis to enjoy the venice Carnival.   And this year more than ever, I wandered with friends met on vacation in the streets of masked people, and in their eyes the joy, wonder and warmth that you can give Venice with its student pranks … for me it is almost normal, but for them, as the first Carnival lived in Venice, it was a constant surprise and eyes rolled at the end of the evening between alcohol, extreme beauty and funAlso this year the carnival is over and now we all pay for  our excesses with Lent

Hotel Torino is Kid Friendly in cooperation with Baby Guest

In this winter of great fervor for Hotel Torino to be ready for the summer season 2016 there are the several collaborations we have made to give many new opportunities to our guests. Collaborations that help us in shaping our brand, and to make the offer more detailed and specific.
Hotel Torino is a hotel for families with children, a trait of our Brand becoming more and more important ( ),because we love families . We have already described our mission for Families with kids both in the pages of our website and in articles on our blog, such as in the article devoted entirely to children and what we can give to help families to spend a relaxed holiday (…).
From this point of view, we have been trying to expand services in favor of families and their children, taht is why we have decided to forge a partnership with Baby Guest. Have you ever heard? It is an innovative and interesting service, an innovative startup that allows in 3 clicks to hire equipment for children and the chosen equipment will be delivered at the hotel, hour, day, month, year desired. This way, you can avoided to load all this rented equipment in the car, saving essential room in your car for suitcases and passengers.
The equipment will be delivered directly to the hotel and packed in perfect order and reconditioned. Obviously, at the end of the holiday will be withdrawn from Baby Guest.
You can ask us for help to book this service, but the reservation is very simple and intuitive: you enter the baby Guest site, write the city where you are headed, the dates and choose what to rent equipment or buy products for children. The baby bag you will be sent if an agreement with the hotel Baby Guest and will also retreat from Baby Guest.
A small, great help for mothers, for families, in this way, will live the holiday in Jesolo much more serene saving space in your car! ‘

Hotel Torino is a pet Hotel, and with discounts

Now for many years, we at Hotel Torino, we have decided to accept the animals, as more and more people, both singles, and families, decide to take a 4-legged friend at home. Our society has become sensitive to the needs of animals, video, culture, respect for the animal are also well-established trend and a very noble. The slice of tourism that looks for a hotel that makes living well is the human that the 4-legged friend is a growing and widespread slice that goes certainly not ignored, indeed, enhanced, in the possibility that you have limits and that the area gives us.
Following the trend, and our own love for ” hairy home ”, now for several years in the hotel we accept the animals, and in this blog article we feel the need to explain exactly what we can and what we can not offer; clearly enunciating the pros, but also clarity in informing about what are the limits that unfortunately, we have. Useless to lie, needless to tell fairy tales, because the lies have short legs, especially in an age of media dissemination of the news fast.
Our city, Jesolo, and all the consortia that manage the shoreline of Jesolo, pose a veto: the animal can not go to the beach, you can not be with your friend Fido under the umbrella. We grant the hotels private beach free of charge to guests, without any kind of supplement, but this is one of the limitations that have been imposed. The city offers the Bau Bau beach, accessible to animals, for a fee, with showers and sun beds suitable, but, 4 kilometers separate us from the beach, so if your 4-legged friend can never be alone, Please consider carefully this detail by no means negligible, because it would increase not just the total cost of your holiday.
The other limit imposed by the hotel, is to not let the animals access to the dining room. We found that only create controversy if we give free access to the dining room to friends to 4 legs. Our job is to make you feel good, it is mediation in difficulty, so this is a line that we will bring forward again, even though we ourselves have animals.
We started with the negative aspects, with our limitations, because, needless to create expectations, but exposure than we can not grant already will see if we can be suited to you and your pet.
If you come, and you have forgotten the croquettes and bowls for food and water, we are here with a small survival kit for your pet, as long as you can not organize, with our help. When you pack your suitcase, often it does it quickly, and it can happen to forget something, even if your beloved Friend 4 Paws. No fear, we are ready to welcome you!
For those traveling with animals we thought of two formulas, each formula tied to a DISCOUNT, just to try to meet different needs, linked to the habits of your animal. In the next summer season 2016, we in fact create discounts (not cumulative), which can meet the habits, the way of life that you have with your 4-legged friend.
Let’s start with breakfast, if you want to do it with Fido, with a small sacrifice, but always with our help, we can pick you encounter. You served from the buffet, what and how you want, we’ll take care to bring the trays in the ground-floor terrace, where you can be with ” Fido ” and enjoy already your breakfast together. It is a possibility, an alternative, that, if you like, to us does not create discomfort. One way to make you understand our willingness to help you to bring to life a great vacation even to your furry friend.
For morning cleaning, there is no problem, because, just to agree on the time of cleaning that can vary or remain always the same, and the ladies of the cleaning will be punctual. Unless, your furry friend is not very friendly, and has no problem to deal with strangers who, for sure, will provide them some extra pampering during cleaning. We are here to organize with you, with your habits, and your times.
If your furry friend has no problem being alone at meal times, already used by the rhythms of your daily work life, you can download from the site, the section offers the discount coupon of EUR 10.00 can be consumed in purchases at the store or dressing Mr. Dog who is just 30 meters from the hotel. Just that you download or fotografiate with your smart phone and you show us know when booking. One way to welcome, to dogs or cats or other pets. The Way To Boost Your Holiday together with your animals.
For those who prefer to eat in company with the 4-legged friend, we thought the discount coupon that allows you to have 15% discount on all meals you consume in the restaurant, pizzeria on the ground floor of the hotel, an outdoor terrace overlooking the pedestrian island. Here you can stay with your pet, and as hotel guests, you will have 15% discount on all meals.
We reiterate that the discount coupons can not be combined, but if you want to download them all, as long as remain on line in special offers section of our website, you will for sure use them for different holidays or give them away to some friend is on vacation with you in separate rooms.
Those traveling with a pet, is that the name Holiday is also worthy for the animal, and that Human vacation does not become a source of stress or suffering for the furry friend. It is not easy to manage a different pace, a different habitat, habits that change on vacation, but note that the hotel rooms have large balconies, and, if we remember, and we felt that you have a pet with you, we are ready to give you the rooms with the shade in the afternoon to make it more comfortable waiting room to the animal. We will be happy to see your pet at reception, in the bar, in the lounge with a large terrace or inside it, and for sure, you will find pleasantly surprised by how well we love them so much that we often ask you to bring your puppy at reception for two pampering, for a caress and a photo to be included in our album in socials pages.
For any need, or need, call us and ask without obligation, we prefer that everything is clear and well specified to avoid disappointment at all.
We remember a few rules for the transport of animals, rules that perhaps not everyone knows about:
1. If you come from the ester, remember your passport for cats and dogs, a real passport with the name, sex, date of birth, weight, height, color and surface. Obviously, the veterinarian will be able to release at a cost not so high
2. If you travel by car, you can not freely carry more than one dog. If you have the car’s rear compartment divided by the network or have other divisions, you can carry in the car more than an animal.
3. If you travel by train, beware of the cuts: go up free animals small, medium size kept in kennels. IF the measure of the carrier is greater than 70x50x30 cm, you will have to pay a reduced ticket.
4. If you travel by plane, not all airlines accept pets, so, before booking phone calls or scaricatevi guidelines on animals in order to avoid disappointment
5. Ask your vet if you need some vaccination where you bring your pet on vacation
6. If you plan to walk a lot with your dog, remember the water bottle and a foot-pad protective cream. And we recommend, not to upset too much abituidini the Hairy House; bring your favorite bowl, his favorite blanket or pillow, His beloved play, so it will be for them like being at Casa..un little different, but there will be habits that will help them feel good.
We wait, and always recommend you to call us or send us an email for any questions. We respond even in the winter, we are always operating.
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Full Board for Families with Kids in Jesolo

And we’re back with a short article, but I think essential to lay down the guidelines on how to travel with a baby child at the Hotel Torino in Jesolo. Many mothers ,when they book are a little anxious, most of all if it’s the first holiday organized with the baby . I think it is essential divide the several ages so that you can more or less properly be aware of how you can organize and how we can help to make the holiday easier for you and for your children.
It is essential to understand that, if you book in a way, and upon arrival your child has changed habits, just an email, just call us and we reorganize together according to the new, chnaged needs. The children grow quickly, and often you can not imagine how their habits will change in few months, or as they grow up.
So, no panic, no embarrassment: our job is to help you organize a vacation that is simple, made of relax and without any problems or difficulties.
For babies on holiday, the meals are perhaps the simplest thing: breast milk or infant formula. If you use the infant milk formula , bear in mind that
– Heating the milk up for us is not a problem at any time of day or night: from reception, bar and night porter we cover the entire day and we have no troubles in warming the milk , it does not cost anything
– You can, if you use fresh milk , keep it in the fridge in all rooms without any supplements. The fridge in the room is a service that we give for free, to your benefit and use.
– I advise you not to take a great escort if I put you in the car during the travel or if deadlines are short, but take with you enough fresh milk for the first day, then, our central location gives you the chance to buy milk every day, without walking for kilometers or, at most, you will take the bikes rented for free and in five minutes you buy wahtever you need.
Children who are in Weaning phase
And here the need of baby food starts , the first step in the growth ,with the food and hisher food habits.
For this phase we give several options to mothers, but we first consider that babies needs to relax and quiet during their first meals, that is wahy they enter the dining room little earlier than adults. This way, the kitchen is able to follow the babies , and, for this reason we ask (rule usually very appreciated by parents), entering the dining room half an hour or twenty minutes before the actual start.
12:00 and 19:00 are the entrance time for babies , we are not so strict but, we see this is the right time for baby food.
For the meals mothers can organize themselves in two different ways:
– They can come with the cooked meals according to the tastes of their children, ready in single-dose containers. They give us the small, favourite macaroni, we write the number of the room on its box so as to avoid confusion or embezzlement and above all, gice us all the orders : how many macaroni in the vegetable soup, how much soup, if with salt,, no salt… . In the menu that adults choose the day before, write us the ordersinformation : ” warm up vegetable cream soup at 12:00, put two tablespoons small macaroni, no salt ” ‘. And we will execute without any problem. If you want to spread the homogenized inside the soup we can do it for you , or you can do it at the table. It is not a labor do these small, great things for children: indeed, it becomes a pleasant moment for us to see them eating in the room, quiet. If you use the ready vegetable bags , because maybe on vacation, you are more comfortable, we are ready to warm them for you. No supplement.
This is a way to avoid paying for babies, to avoid changes in their eating habits if you fear them: If we just must heat the food and bring it to the table with extra virgin olive oil and parmesan,
– If you want us to prepare vegetable cream soups, light soups, boiled fish, pureed meat, our chef is at your disposal. We ask mothers to bring their small pasta if the child is very selective and your homogenized cans that you can keep in the fridge in the room. In the adults’ menu you write the ingredients of the soups : no carrot, no salt, only zucchini….and the Chef will cook according to your rules without any problem. In this case we ask for a really symbolic charge of EUR 8.00 per day including the 3 daily meals .
With this solution certainly you will travel more comfortable, avoiding the cooler to bring the containers with the ready meals . The car for the holiday is always full of things, suitcases, games, strollers, clothes for everyone, so every little saved space is a big saved space .
Children Post Weaning
– At this stage of the growth of your child, for families on holiday in Jesolo, the situation is much simpler: the babies start eating small macaroni with tomato sauce, boiled fish fillet , the soups, the chicken, ham, omelet. Write on the menu that you have chosen for your children and we will prepare without extra charging extra as often , in some hotel reaturants, variations in the menù are extra charged. The dishes prepared for your children will be included in the agreed discounted price for the children. Usually, up to two years, children are charged maximum of € 15.00 per day, including all meals and the cot. This is the highest price they can pay, unless we bargain together more discounts. If you want to take the cot in the car, we have no problems, obviously it will not be charged, Just inform us on reservation, so we can reserve the right room to keep a cot. If you think the children can sleep in the same bed as parents, or you do not food for himher, but, during the holiday, you change your minds, please no fear, let’s speak together and we will find an agreement .
– At this phase of growth some parents, if the child has no more than 24 months and in cases of children who eat very little, ask for a plate and the child shares with the parents. No extra charge: our portions are always generous and simple variants that can please both mom and baby are no problem. In this case, of course, the child will not be charged for any meal, even breakfast.
– For breakfast certainly children have a big choice between cakes,empty brioches , brioches filled with honey, cream, jam and chocolate, biscuits, yogurt, chocolate cream , and more. The child will not have trouble finding something tastfull for him. Usually, the babies’ little mouths all dirty with chocolate are a common view in the morning at Hotel Torino.
Children aged two years or older
This stage becomes the simplest level food. We are a hotel that believes in family and loves family ( ). Children from 2 to 12 years old enjoy different discounts. Let’s say that we are usually generous in extending the 50% discount, as well as the 30%. Ask us, as well as for the family plan, and you will realize that we often enlarge discounts for children.
And at this point of the article, please visit the section offers ( ) .. You will be updated with additional discounts ; you can take pictures of their pics and use the most appropriate discount on reservation (only one discount for each reserved holiday).
Our interest in the family is underlined by a policy of discounts, some of which are designed for families. Discounts can not be combined in one holiday, but take a picture and save them with your smartphone and, at the appropriate time, you will see the most convenient discount for your holiday.
In addition to the discount coupons, we have always been careful to create proposals suitable for families with discounts tailored for children. All family-oriented, because Hotel Torino loves seeing the baby guests growing up , maybe they will become adult guests.

Hotel Torino is a hotel Millennials friendly

Today, roaming the net, where I learn something new every day, I discovered the Millennials, the young travelers born between the Eighties and the beginning of 2000. They are considered one of the largest market for tourism in general, and,a target with well defined characteristics: well prepared to travel a lot, to spend, to use socials and electronic means to share news about your hotel or tourist activity in general
Considering this user profile, I have wondered if the Hotel Torino is well prepared to Millennials, young people.
Jesolo is a seaside resort well known among young people for funny weekend.Anyway, young people often choose Jesolo for the pleasure-holiday, not only for a greedy weekend, as jesolo is not far from home and, let’s say it, cheaper than abroad.
The young are born and raised with Bread and Technology, and this draws me to two conclusions:
1. I have to be on the web, and to be found on the web by the young: they live on the web, they know the way the reviews go . And we return to the old discourse of how important it is to be found by those who seek you in the web.What a young man looks for in the web when he make up his mind to spend a holiday in Jesolo? sentences, words just like Offers for weekends in Jesolo, cheap hotels in Jesolo, offers for hotels in Lido di Jesolo. And from these words the young surf through the web going from google portals to drop in tripadvisor and return directly to the hotel web site . As i Often deal with young people, I am aware of their familiarity with the web, and their fast minds . I do not deny, that , this way of dealing ,gives me pleasure.
2. I must give them the tools they need when they choose Hotel Torino. First of all wi fi. Have you ever noticed a young mancoming into the hotel lobby? I guarantee you that before look at the reception desk or staff , he looks for the wi fi signal with free password.. And these beloved instruments allow them to erupt in socials, with photos of their vacation, selfies, pictures with the staff, spreading Your Brand ..
I do not deny that all this is fearful ; the speed with which you can make a bad reputation is distressing, especially for people tryng to work hard, and I firmly believe that now all the hotels in Jesolo, or at least three quarters, are good structures, structures working seriously to focus on welcoming the tourist so well as to induce himher to go back and reserve other times. Living in an area of ​​high concentration of tourist facilities and thus of high competitiveness, the hotels which work well should be marked as worthy of note.
Millennials good that they often use larger rooms, the cposiddette multiple rooms, a godsend for us hoteliers, obviously with discounts that now do not charge more than the third and fourth bed, but in fairness to those who book, let us directly calculating the price per person adding the shares and deducting the discounts. Needless to say, those who occupy the third and fourth bed are paying less and others? We have now opted to make the bill of what discounts to include all occupants of a room.
Millennials spend a lot at the bar, at least a drink, or sometimes pizza or a or meat fish dinner . And we always reward them with 10% dfiscount at the restauramtbarpizzeria on the ground floor
The rumors that they bustle in the hotel are to be considered very carefully, because if you talk about students, school trips, we have to admit that they often make a big mess. But when it comes to young people on holiday in Jesolo, independent holidays, I would say that I have to break a lance in their favor. They are not young boysgirls far from home, but they are adults, though, lucky them, young and, most of all, aware of what they do. Sometimes some of them drink, have fun , but, honestly, these are rare cases and always under control.
It will always be part of one of my best memories when, a summer morning, i found a note of apology on the reception desk. A young man, conscious of being a little bit drunk, apologized if I had to face some problems with tyhe other guests in the morning. He wrote his room number and a formal ‘mea culpa’ and signed. Obviously the written sheet has spread through the social pages.
Millennials often reserve on bed and breakfast basis , and frankly, one of the press release issued by me on the web just inforns that Hotel Torino is ready to meet their need for a very late breakfast. For several years we have always tried to give breakfast to latecomers, and already in the season 2015 we prepared trays brunch for breakfast from 9:30 to 12:00 to 12:30 am. We never limited a late breakfast to simple coffee or cappuccino and croissants. I saw smiles and light up eyes seeing the two three breakfast trays brought to the bar , with a big choice of bread, jams, eggs, yogurt, fruit, croissants, assorted pastries. All conveniently consumed leisurely at the bar with coffee and cappuccino served by our bartenders. If we know you need late breakfast , you will not miss anything from our buffet and your breakfast will become a brunch.
Let’s say, with a view to strengthening the young tourism , after discounts for families , discounts for people traveling with animals , now we’re ready to discount specifically for young people, for millennials.
Millennials are often young people who travel with pets, parents, singles with children, and, therefore, a very wide range of customers. The thing that unites them is age, digitization, and their deep web presence and their knowledge of the web. And, they often help parents to find the place to spend the holidays.
The discount policy that we will launch will therefore be mixed, varied and attentive to different requirements.
Hotel Torino is perfect for young people, because, as well as the willingness to extend breakfast times, the hotel enjoys a perfect position, being a few steps from the sea on the main street, Via Silvio Trentin which is actually the legendary Via Bafile which from Piazza Mazzini changes name into via Silvio Trentin, and for its proximity to Piazza Mazzini (only 200 meters) one of the heart of Jesolo night life and fun .
In addition to free wi fi, our presence in the social channels is constantly updated, and we believe that we can meet the needs of Millennials,
To meet and find new customers, you must have the courage to change, and we at Hotel Torino have faced many changes and lots of them will have to be faced yet. We are Ready for Generation Y, ready for you

Hotel in Jesolo fuer Millennials

Heute durchstreifen das Internet, wo ich lerne jeden Tag etwas Neues, entdeckte ich die Millennials, dh Reisende junge Menschen zwischen den Jahren 80 und Anfang 2000. Sie gelten als eine große Nutzerbasis für den Tourismus im Allgemeinen, und ein geborener seine eigene, gut vorbereitet, viel zu reisen, zu verbringen, um socials und elektronische Mittel nutzen, um Neuigkeiten über Ihr Hotel oder touristische Tätigkeit im Allgemeinen zu teilen.
Durchlesen dieses Benutzerprofil, fragte ich mich, wenn das Hotel Torino ist bestens gerüstet, Millennials, junge Menschen.
Vielleicht für junge Jesolo genannt, ist ein Ziel für Wochenenden, Wochenend gogliardici, aber nicht nur. Viele von ihnen wählen, Jesolo zur Freude-Feiertag, nicht weit von zu Hause aus und, zu Zeiten, seien wir ehrlich billiger als im Ausland.
Die Junge werden geboren und wuchs in Brot und Technologie erhöht und dann zwei Schlussfolgerungen ziehen:
1. verdanke ich auf dem Netz von den jungen zu finden: sie leben, über das Internet, sind intelligent, sie wissen, wie die Kritiken. Und wir kehren zur alten Diskurs, wie wichtig es von denen, die Sie im Web suchen, zu finden ist. Auf der Suche nach einem jungen Mann nach Jesolo? Angebote Wochenende in Jesolo, günstige Hotels in Jesolo, bietet Hotels in Lido di Jesolo. Und aus diesen Worten reinigt das Netz gehen von google-Portale zu oft fallen in auf Tripadvisor und kehren Sie direkt auf die Website des Hotels konzentriert. Oft den Umgang mit Jugendlichen, wurde mir bewusst, ihre Vertrautheit und Geschwindigkeit, kann ich nicht leugnen, dass es für mich ist ein Vergnügen, mit ihnen zu arbeiten, denn ganz agile
2. Ich muss ihnen die Werkzeuge, um das Hotel, die sie lieben zu geben. Zunächst Wi-Fi. Haben Sie schon einmal einen jungen Mann aufgefallen, als er in das Hotel kommt? Ich garantiere Ihnen, dass, bevor Sie an die empfängt schauen, sehen wir das Zeichen des kostenloses Wi-Fi und ein Passwort angegeben und verbindet. Und diese geliebten Instrumente es ihnen ermöglichen, in socials ausbrechen, mit Fotos von ihren Urlaub, selfies, Bilder bei uns Mitarbeiter, die Verbreitung des Namens des Touristen.
Ich leugne nicht, dass alle stehen ein wenig “Angst: die Geschwindigkeit, mit der Sie machen einen schlechten Ruf ist belastend, vor allem für Leute, die hart arbeiten, und ich glaube fest, dass nun alle Hotels in Jesolo, oder zumindest drei Viertel, sind Strukturen, die Serie, die sich auf Rendite auf Loyalität und leben in einem Gebiet mit hoher Konzentration von touristischen Einrichtungen und damit der hohen Wettbewerbsfähigkeit, sollten durch Professionalität Bemerkenswert markiert werden.
Millennials gut, dass sie oft größere Räume, die cposiddette mehrere Zimmer, ein Glücksfall für uns Hoteliers, offensichtlich mit Rabatten, die jetzt nicht mehr verlangen als das dritte und vierte Bett, aber in Fairness gegenüber denen, die Buchung direkt lassen Sie uns Berechnung des Preises pro Person Hinzufügen der Aktien und Abzug der Rabatte. Unnötig zu sagen, diejenigen, die das dritte und vierte Bett besetzen zahlen weniger und andere? Wir haben nun entschieden, die Rechnung, was Rabatte für alle Insassen eines Zimmers gehören zu machen.
Millennials haben gute verbrauchen die Bar, zumindest einen Drink, oder manchmal auch Pizza oder Fisch Abendessen mit Fleisch. Und wir werden immer mit Rabatt vom Kunden belohnt, die mindestens 10%.
Gerüchte, dass die john sie im Hotel tummeln sind sehr sorgfältig in Betracht gezogen werden, denn wenn man den Studenten, Schulausflüge zu sprechen, die Staatsanwaltschaft Strumpf leider sehr oft, um zu putzen. Aber wenn es um junge Menschen im Urlaub in Jesolo, unabhängigen Urlaub geht, würde ich sagen, dass ich eine Lanze zu ihren Gunsten zu brechen. Keine tots für eine Klassenfahrt aufgeregt, aber sie sind Erwachsene, aber das Glück sie, jung, sehr bewusst, was sie tun. Manchmal einige betrunken in einigen Junggesellenabschiede, aber, ehrlich gesagt, diese seltenen Pannen erlauben nicht die Dämonisierung der junge Hotel in Jesolo.
Es wird immer ein Teil von einer meiner besten Erinnerungen und divertitenti Um eine Notiz der Entschuldigung in den Morgen an der Rezeption zu finden. Ein junger Mann, bewußt, daß ein wenig von Ton, entschuldigt, wenn ich hatte einige Probleme in den Morgen zu begegnen. Zimmernummer und ein “mea culpa” formale und signiert. Offensichtlich ist zwischen mir und seine Freunde, hat das Ticket die Seiten socials gedreht.
Millennials buchen oft in der Nacht mit Frühstück, und ehrlich gesagt, eine der Pressemitteilung des Web mir erteilt, sind wir bereit, um das Hotel Torino treffen ihr Bedürfnis nach einer sehr späten Frühstück. Seit einigen Jahren haben wir immer nicht versucht, Frühstück bis zum Nachzügler verpassen, und bereits in der Saison 2015 werden wir vorbereitet Schalen Brunch zum Frühstück von 9.30 bis 00.00 Uhr, um 12:30 Uhr. Wir haben nie den einfachen Kaffee oder Cappuccino und Croissants begrenzt. Ich sah, Lächeln und Augen leuchten sehen, die zwei drei Fächern Frühstück zu den Nachzüglern gebracht, mit einer Auswahl an Brot, Marmelade, Eier, Joghurt, Obst, Croissants, verschiedene Backwaren. Alle bequem verzehrt gemächlich an der Bar mit Kaffee und Cappuccino von unserem Barkeeper serviert. Wenn wir wissen, was Sie tun, werden wir nicht wollen, um nichts in der Frühstück, das eine echte Brunch werden wird.
Lassen Sie uns sagen, mit dem Ziel, die Jugend, nach Ermäßigungen für Familien…, Rabatte für Reisen mit Tieren http: //, jetzt sind wir bereit, um speziell für Jugendliche Rabatt, für die Millennials.
Obwohl, Sprechen der jungen Menschen, nicht nur Gruppen von jungen Menschen, die im Urlaub in Jesolo, aber Millennials sind oft junge Menschen, die mit Haustieren, Eltern, Singles mit Kindern reisen und deshalb eine sehr breite Palette von Kunden. Die Sache, die sie verbindet, ist alt, und die Digitalisierung, die tiefe und massaccia Web-Präsenz und ihr Wissen über das Web. Und aus unserer Sicht, oft helfen, die Eltern den Ort, um die Ferien zu verbringen, erudiscono Eltern, im Web zu finden, beginnen sie.
Die Rabattpolitik, die wir starten werden daher gemischt werden, abwechslungsreich und aufmerksam auf unterschiedliche Anforderungen.
Das Hotel Turin ist gut geeignet, um junge Menschen, sowie die Bereitschaft zu Frühstückszeiten zu verlängern, auch für die Position, wobei nur ein paar Schritte vom Meer entfernt an der Hauptstraße, Via Silvio Trentin, die eigentlich die legendäre Via Bafile von der Piazza Mazzini via Silvio Trentin genannt, und für seine Nähe zu der Piazza Mazzini (nur 200 m), der einer der Knotenpunkte des Lebens nutturna Jesolo bleibt und macht Spaß.
Darüber hinaus, zusätzlich zu den Wi-Fi, unsere Präsenz socials ständig aktualisiert, sehen wir uns die Bedürfnisse der Millennials, cnche treffen können, weil oft auch die Kinder unserer Kunden sind unsere Kunden Millennials. Kurz gesagt, eine große Familie, so viele Bands, so viele Unterschiede, aber immer noch, eine großartige One Familie.
Um im Hotel Turin treffen Kunden müssen den Mut haben, zu ändern, und wir, in unserem kleinen Weg, wir haben einen langen Weg zurückgelegt, haben wir viele Veränderungen und viel davon wir zu tun haben konfrontiert. Bereit für die Generation Y, für Sie bereit

Our Mission: To Be a Hotel For Families with Children

Hotel Torino, for nearly 15 years or more, is taking a more and more precise physiognomy , thanks to a careful observation of the needs and requirements that customers show during their stay.
In of our main characteristics is for sure the family and friendly atmosphere , perfectly in tune with our mission that guides us towards our becoming your Seaside House in Jesolo.
The impersonality of a business hotel, a large hotel, is not for us, is not in our nature, and, in order to give a clear stretch to the brand, we must consider an exact meeting point between what the hotel allows, its potential and your personality, your character traits. Only then, in an age of global unification, of ” all at once ”, of great potential in the hands of all the people, you can give a distinctive and strong trait to your brand.
Given the fact that the owners are in the hotel which my character is strongly expansionary, that my Hotel Concept is to Make You Feel at Ease overcoming the cold barrier of a check in desk, a purely operational receptionl, but without heart, without soul, I have worked hard to create and make it strong what has become distinctive forHotel Torino : Hotel Torino is and aspires to be more and more a family hotel. We have already devoted a page of our website to this topic. http://www.hoteltorinojesolo.en/hotel-famiglie-jesolo.html, but in this article we want to explore the theme of the blog and give even more practical and detailed information on the subject.
Our beach helps us, since Jesolo once again won the Green Flag, the flag assigned to the coasts best suited to children and families with children. The sandy beach, the slow sloping of the sea running from the shore to sloping gently without falling straight down, games for kids that are each 500 600 meters in each consortium at the beginning of the beach, The Activities for Kids on the beach ranging from Baby Dance and other ideas to occupy the baby guests and make them fall in love with Jesolo, are undoubtedly a great starting point and a good help for all hotels.
Our city is enriched each year of novelties for children, Luna Park, the Foam, the galleon Jolly Roger, and finally born, but not least, the spectacular Aquarium of Jesolo with its tunnels, the interactive tanks and even animation, points strongly to families. That started from the fact Treasure Hunts in the Abyss, organized just inside the Sea Life. They are just a few examples of what is being done for children in Jesolo Lido.
Hotel Turin We also think its child, suitable for family with children. And We the Hotel Torino, on this path, we have strengthened our Welcome to the little guests on various fronts.
Rooms include a New Crib bought right in the middle of the summer season 2015, bed sheets and pillows to baby measure for a comfortable sleep, mini bar in rooms which, far from being a speculation of the hotel, is left free to use and free of guests. And nothing more convenient for families who bring their baby food, fresh milk, and other treats for children. Hotel is available on 24 24 to warm milk or baby food, and say 24 of 24 no joke since our reception is constantly covered at night by a night porter.
There are rooms for families of 4 persons, rooms with their family and supply plan that saves, as well as, a single parent with children will always have a big discount on the second read, thanks to a careful policy of the hotel also the economic side and keep a budget hotel, while giving good quality services.
In the dining room we equipped with high chairs of two types: the classic seats that attach to the table for the super small, high chairs or mo ‘chair with safety belts for children already larger. If you need to carry the stroller or pushchair in the room for the super, super small, not allow yourself to be ruthless, because we will find the right accommodation for you, Our Work, Our ultimate Goal is to meet the Customer’s needs. The meals are all suitable for baby, the mothers know that we can write what they want and Our Chef will prepare according to the letter as indicated: past, small pasta in broth, Our Kitchen offers starlets, angel hair and baby many formats.
Who wants to save or fears that the baby does not eat out of his habitat, is welcome if it brings the meals and we heat them, you can keep the room in the department Subzero refrigerator, or preserve us in our refrigerator, not c ‘limit is nothing, there is not really to be afraid to ask. If you book one way, and arrive changing the organization of the meal residence of the child, do not allow yourself to be ruthless, we know that children grow up fast and if, at the time of booking, Your son had habits at the time of the holiday, maybe everything is cambiato.Lavorare now for 20 years with children and families gave us a great flexibility of which we are proud.
Younger children usually come into the room a little bit before the canonical hours, just to get them to eat quietly without the stress of too many people around, and believe me, that, see them eat, bring them the baby food, see the bib, with the hands that try to draw over the dish, is one of the best moments of my / our day.
For the summer season 2016, after asking our pages socials, ( we are planning to make an evening of entertainment for the kids , let them have dinner, but at some point the animators will involve them in fun activities to enable parents to finish dinner in peace. This idea was suggested by regulars, and we of the hotel, ready to capture the requests and needs, we have already made contact with the proper authorities to think of an extra, but free, fun, a fun extra, but absolutely free for the guest. It will be an experiment, a new experience for us, but what’s sure to be exciting and new and maybe become a plus of our house.
Recall that the hotel has family-friendly rooms, the ideal solution if you do not want to sleep in separate rooms and ideal solutions to save money by taking advantage of the Family Plan that is active throughout the summer season, without exclusion of any period. Initially, we excluded certain promotions during the high season, but, by careful reasoning, we asked ” why? ” The family goes on vacation in both high and low season and we, if we want to be a family-friendly hotel, we grant discounts specifically for the entire period of our opening.
In the History of Our Hotel, we really have seen children grow up, we have seen children crescuti, tornatre with parents and then return with their partners. We rejoiced at their school grades, their promotions, their degrees and, really, a little can become a Happy Guest Guest Adult loyal. Being called by name from the small house that is happy to arrive at the hotel because they will see the sea, you see it runs up to hug you, or that initially does Timidone then conquer two pampering …. It is priceless. Take anything, but do not these great satisfactions that come given away by the Little Guests