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Hotel Torino is a hotel Millennials friendly

Today, roaming the net, where I learn something new every day, I discovered the Millennials, the young travelers born between the Eighties and the beginning of 2000. They are considered one of the largest market for tourism in general, and,a target with well defined characteristics: well prepared to travel a lot, to spend, to use socials and electronic means to share news about your hotel or tourist activity in general
Considering this user profile, I have wondered if the Hotel Torino is well prepared to Millennials, young people.
Jesolo is a seaside resort well known among young people for funny weekend.Anyway, young people often choose Jesolo for the pleasure-holiday, not only for a greedy weekend, as jesolo is not far from home and, let’s say it, cheaper than abroad.
The young are born and raised with Bread and Technology, and this draws me to two conclusions:
1. I have to be on the web, and to be found on the web by the young: they live on the web, they know the way the reviews go . And we return to the old discourse of how important it is to be found by those who seek you in the web.What a young man looks for in the web when he make up his mind to spend a holiday in Jesolo? sentences, words just like Offers for weekends in Jesolo, cheap hotels in Jesolo, offers for hotels in Lido di Jesolo. And from these words the young surf through the web going from google portals to drop in tripadvisor and return directly to the hotel web site . As i Often deal with young people, I am aware of their familiarity with the web, and their fast minds . I do not deny, that , this way of dealing ,gives me pleasure.
2. I must give them the tools they need when they choose Hotel Torino. First of all wi fi. Have you ever noticed a young mancoming into the hotel lobby? I guarantee you that before look at the reception desk or staff , he looks for the wi fi signal with free password.. And these beloved instruments allow them to erupt in socials, with photos of their vacation, selfies, pictures with the staff, spreading Your Brand ..
I do not deny that all this is fearful ; the speed with which you can make a bad reputation is distressing, especially for people tryng to work hard, and I firmly believe that now all the hotels in Jesolo, or at least three quarters, are good structures, structures working seriously to focus on welcoming the tourist so well as to induce himher to go back and reserve other times. Living in an area of ​​high concentration of tourist facilities and thus of high competitiveness, the hotels which work well should be marked as worthy of note.
Millennials good that they often use larger rooms, the cposiddette multiple rooms, a godsend for us hoteliers, obviously with discounts that now do not charge more than the third and fourth bed, but in fairness to those who book, let us directly calculating the price per person adding the shares and deducting the discounts. Needless to say, those who occupy the third and fourth bed are paying less and others? We have now opted to make the bill of what discounts to include all occupants of a room.
Millennials spend a lot at the bar, at least a drink, or sometimes pizza or a or meat fish dinner . And we always reward them with 10% dfiscount at the restauramtbarpizzeria on the ground floor
The rumors that they bustle in the hotel are to be considered very carefully, because if you talk about students, school trips, we have to admit that they often make a big mess. But when it comes to young people on holiday in Jesolo, independent holidays, I would say that I have to break a lance in their favor. They are not young boysgirls far from home, but they are adults, though, lucky them, young and, most of all, aware of what they do. Sometimes some of them drink, have fun , but, honestly, these are rare cases and always under control.
It will always be part of one of my best memories when, a summer morning, i found a note of apology on the reception desk. A young man, conscious of being a little bit drunk, apologized if I had to face some problems with tyhe other guests in the morning. He wrote his room number and a formal ‘mea culpa’ and signed. Obviously the written sheet has spread through the social pages.
Millennials often reserve on bed and breakfast basis , and frankly, one of the press release issued by me on the web http://www.press-release.it/2015/11/27/202624 just inforns that Hotel Torino is ready to meet their need for a very late breakfast. For several years we have always tried to give breakfast to latecomers, and already in the season 2015 we prepared trays brunch for breakfast from 9:30 to 12:00 to 12:30 am. We never limited a late breakfast to simple coffee or cappuccino and croissants. I saw smiles and light up eyes seeing the two three breakfast trays brought to the bar , with a big choice of bread, jams, eggs, yogurt, fruit, croissants, assorted pastries. All conveniently consumed leisurely at the bar with coffee and cappuccino served by our bartenders. If we know you need late breakfast , you will not miss anything from our buffet and your breakfast will become a brunch.
Let’s say, with a view to strengthening the young tourism , after discounts for families https://www.hoteltorinojesolo.it/en/discount-families-children.html , discounts for people traveling with animals
https://www.hoteltorinojesolo.it/en/discounts-tourists-travelling-pets.html , now we’re ready to discount specifically for young people, for millennials.
Millennials are often young people who travel with pets, parents, singles with children, and, therefore, a very wide range of customers. The thing that unites them is age, digitization, and their deep web presence and their knowledge of the web. And, they often help parents to find the place to spend the holidays.
The discount policy that we will launch will therefore be mixed, varied and attentive to different requirements.
Hotel Torino is perfect for young people, because, as well as the willingness to extend breakfast times, the hotel enjoys a perfect position https://www.hoteltorinojesolo.it/en/location.html, being a few steps from the sea on the main street, Via Silvio Trentin which is actually the legendary Via Bafile which from Piazza Mazzini changes name into via Silvio Trentin, and for its proximity to Piazza Mazzini (only 200 meters) one of the heart of Jesolo night life and fun .
In addition to free wi fi, our presence in the social channels is constantly updated, and we believe that we can meet the needs of Millennials,
To meet and find new customers, you must have the courage to change, and we at Hotel Torino have faced many changes and lots of them will have to be faced yet. We are Ready for Generation Y, ready for you