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The coronavirus this winter is gripping our Country, and the whole world. We hotels in Jesolo do not deny that we are highly concerned about health, work and the whole economy. The concern is global, not only of the hotels in Jesolo Lido.
In Venice the problem has been  that the whole hotels have been closed during their high season; in Jesolo we find ourselves in an equally serious and difficult situation to manage for various reasons:

Usually in this period the hotels in Jesolo begin to make job interviews and to establish  the staff recruitment dates, as well as the fateful opening date. This year we cannot fix job interviews,  but above all, we are unable to give an answer on the starting date of the work. We are in total chaos and we cannot give answers or certainties to those who will have to work with us.
As at the moment we receive  cancellations not so much for the season,  but most of all for April and May, we cannot understand how much staff we should have to recruite. We don’t know, nor can we know, if the season will fully recover. We will probably start with a a minum staff  and then eventually will recruite more people if reservations start arriving 

Perhaps this summer there will be the fear of traveling, especially to and from abroad as Italy is now probably facing its peak of infections and then, logically speaking, it will go down. For the rest of Europe we will instead see. Perhaps the Italians will trust us more and will be more afraid to go abroad. And the foreign tourists? In this chaotic situation, we Hotel Torino, 3-star hotel in Jesolo now allow you to book without having to pay a deposit  before the situation is solved and we all feel safe. Together, postponing the day for downpayment  if necessary several times, we will make our decision togetherwhen it is  the most appropriate time to send the downpayment . Downpayment that we never ask our regular, habitual customers
This winter is putting us to the test, and this summer, we will need a break and when times are ripe we invite you to enjoy the sea, the sun and our exquisite cuisine.