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Why breakfast should be big in hotel, B&B Jesolo

For hotels, B&B in Jesolo Lido, breakfast must be very abundant, and must offer a lot of variety. Do you wonder why? But the answer is very simple: because the holiday in a B&B, hotel in Jesolo Lido is usually not limited to just one night, but it is a longer holiday. But if one wakes up every morning, reaches the breakfast room, and sees the usual three poor little things on the buffet table, honestly it’s not a well goodmorning.Considering that 90% of reservations are for a three/four night long holiday,  hotels, bb in Jesolo must give the opportunity to choose something different every day.  Breakfast is a crucial moment , it gives the mood to the starting day, especially on holiday when you have time to stop for breakfast, to  enjoy it relaxed  and to enjoy the energy of the morning. In this case we must distinguish between Italian customer and foreign customer:
ITALIAN CLIENT: In everyday life, the Italian often, in everyday life, get a fast breakfast at the bar, that’s why the holiday is the moment when he wants to have breakfast, the moment when there is no hurry, the moment when he can  experiment, taste and  test. Anyway, if  in the morning , ione faces a poorlyvaried buffet, with very little choice, this is certainly not what one  expects on vacation. And here on holiday the Italians ‘try’, experience the salty, taste the morning omelette or scrambled eggs, taste cold cuts,  toasts or new sweets. Why should we deny this morning test? And why should we deny a different morning test every morning? The variety does not cost anything more, because we know that the variety does not involve  large additional expenses, but only a bigger satisfaction for the customer
FOREIGN CUSTOMER: The foreigner ,on the contrary, requires a very rich and abundant breakfast, because often the foreigner makes breakfast the main meal . If we do not give him his healthy habits, we will disappoint him and make him go away completely dissatisfied.
And that’s why the breakfast buffets are getting bigger and bigger, they are diversifying, they are reinventing and renewing from year to year … variety, abundance and health for a good morning worthy of happy holiday