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Why breakfast should be big in hotel, B&B Jesolo

For hotels, B&B in Jesolo Lido, breakfast must be very abundant, and must offer a lot of variety. Do you wonder why? But the answer is very simple: because the holiday in a B&B, hotel in Jesolo Lido is usually not limited to just one night, but it is a longer holiday. But if one wakes up every morning, reaches the breakfast room, and sees the usual three poor little things on the buffet table, honestly it’s not a well goodmorning.Considering that 90% of reservations are for a three/four night long holiday,  hotels, bb in Jesolo must give the opportunity to choose something different every day.  Breakfast is a crucial moment , it gives the mood to the starting day, especially on holiday when you have time to stop for breakfast, to  enjoy it relaxed  and to enjoy the energy of the morning. In this case we must distinguish between Italian customer and foreign customer:
ITALIAN CLIENT: In everyday life, the Italian often, in everyday life, get a fast breakfast at the bar, that’s why the holiday is the moment when he wants to have breakfast, the moment when there is no hurry, the moment when he can  experiment, taste and  test. Anyway, if  in the morning , ione faces a poorlyvaried buffet, with very little choice, this is certainly not what one  expects on vacation. And here on holiday the Italians ‘try’, experience the salty, taste the morning omelette or scrambled eggs, taste cold cuts,  toasts or new sweets. Why should we deny this morning test? And why should we deny a different morning test every morning? The variety does not cost anything more, because we know that the variety does not involve  large additional expenses, but only a bigger satisfaction for the customer
FOREIGN CUSTOMER: The foreigner ,on the contrary, requires a very rich and abundant breakfast, because often the foreigner makes breakfast the main meal . If we do not give him his healthy habits, we will disappoint him and make him go away completely dissatisfied.
And that’s why the breakfast buffets are getting bigger and bigger, they are diversifying, they are reinventing and renewing from year to year … variety, abundance and health for a good morning worthy of happy holiday

Hotel Torino Bed & Breakfast in Jesolo

Hotel Torino, in this winter time, is making some considerations, being often known in a different way from a bb, but Hotel Torino is also a bed & breakfast in Jesolo. As a bb in Jesolo Lido we do not believe we miss anything, in fact, we are giving more and more space and importamce to the breakfast. Being a bed and breakfast means to focus on breakfast and we have always focused on breakfast as an important, if not fundamental and unique moment in our Guests’ Day. Breakfast favorably prepares the customer and allows him to start well the day feeling pampered as he allows himself  time and all the delicacies that are not allowed in everyday life. Breakfast is also often the last meal in ahotel before departure, so it’s like a good-bye, the last memory of the hotel.
Our concept of  breakfast now has evolved over the years and is still constantly evolving as the increasingly global tourism, including a wide selection of desserts, but also a wide choice of savory dishes. In light of the new tourism we have expanded the choice of savory dishes with salami that try to meet the tastes of everybody going well beyond the usual salami, ham and cheese that are the  ‘must be’. In addition to salami and ham, we have given space to  mortadella, turkey, beef for those who want to change, for those who prefer light food,  Always attentive to the Tourist requests we have incorporated in our buffet raw vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes, much appreciated by a slice of foreign tourists who love a concept of breakfast-brunch as they often spend all thei day on the beach or on excursions.
The sweet choice of our breakfast  has become more appetizing  with  more tasty and varied grains , but also with a wider selection of brioches that also include brioches for celiacs, or the vegan line nuts and apples, as well as the classic tastes that anyway they are the most appreciated. Among plum cakes, pies, donuts, brioches, krapfen, waffles, biscuits and so on and so forth, the sweet corner of our breakfast has acquired an important thickness, without forgetting the possibility of waffles added in  last year. If one stops, one is lost, and then, after giving even more choice in varieties of milk, for  next year we are already asking questions and therefore, sifting through the web, we  have read a list of what you should have in a buffet worthy of a mid-range b & b . We have realised that Hotel Torino does not seem to be so far from good , helathy, breakfast standard
As for the gastronomic offer, a medium-sized buffet should offer:- fresh milk or UHT, soya and rice (lactose-free)- espresso and barley coffee, milk, chocolate, cappuccino- tea and fruit juices- bread of various types: assorted sandwiches of various flavors and sizes, eggs, cereals, raisins, wholemeal and gluten-free-  stuffed sandwiches, burgers-  biscuits and crackers- cookies (at least three or four types)- cereals with or without dehydrated fruit, natural or crunchy muesli- empty brioches, cream, chocolate and jams: savory brioche stuffed- cakes and pies- Sliced ​​fresh fruit (clean): pineapple, strawberries, cherries, kiwi, melon, orange and pink grapefruit, apricots, berries- yogurt: lean, white, or fruit – single-dose honey- jams of various flavors- cocoa spreads- butter, philadelphia and creamy cheese – mixed cold cuts: salami, cooked ham, raw ham, air dried beef- choice of cheese- eggs and omelettes: fried, hard-boiled, scrambled with potatoes, onion, bacon, cheese and hamFor a more demanding customers and to keep up with new habits and food intolerances, it would be appropriate to integrate the most traditional buffet with some different products, for example:- products of biological origin- gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free products (for children)- dietetic and health foods- esotic fruit
On the basis of these suggestions we think we will introduce other qualities of cheese for which perhaps we do not give enough choice, such as  the Greek cheese and of the single-dose spreadable cheeses, different fresh bread with cereals  and the salted brioches, as we are  aware that breakfast is increasingly one of the added values ​​for a good hotel. Breakfast, Colazione, Pétite Déjeuner, Desayuno, or Frühstück, breakfast is one of the most awaited and pleasant moments of a holiday, and often the last service that greets the customer at the end of his holiday. That is why  the Bed and breakfast Hotels are increasing  in Jesolo .