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The legend of the Rose ‘Bocolo’

We have now concluded this weekend pardoned by the sun, in spite of the meteorological forecasts that gave Jesolo in the rainThe weekend of April 25 is important to us, because April 25 is the Feast of Saint Mark, the patron saint of VeniceCustomers came to see me and took me three beautiful rosebuds according to the ‘custom throughout Venetian April 25 to give the beloved’ bocolo ‘as they say in Venice.And from this gift, I made me want to understand why there is this custom in  VeniceIt is said that in 800, the Doge’s daughter was loved and reciprocate a young man of humble origins, Tancredi. The Doge, given the disparity of origins, was contrary to the love of the two.The girl advised the beloved to go to battle against the Turks to show his worth and then come accepted by the father, but the young Tancredi dies in battle slumping on a rose garden. Before dying he grasps a rose turned red for blood and asks his partner to take her beloved.Young, received the news and the bud, commits suicide on April 25 and was found dead in the bud on the breastSad story of love of old, warriors, weapons, blue blood and battles … but today, if I asked someone to go and fight for me, according to you, there should be?I there is a strong doubt