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Marta Thoughts, from the school stage to Assistant Reception

In the blog I put the thought of Marta Hotel, which last year was with us as an intern, but this year has returned to be a great help to me.I copy what Martha wrote me, because they are words that fill me with satisfaction, because, despite the short time still available, I was able to convey some of my experience and my love for this work and some ‘trick’.” I’ve always been a very shy and reserved girl, in fact, when in 2014 the school offered me an internship in Jesolo was very undecided about what to do. I took it as a challenge to myself and in the end I accepted gladly. I chose a period of five weeks just to be able to learn as much as possible and to relate with so many people to become more confident. My work was at the desk of the Hotel Torino, a 3 star hotel in Jesolo… just the best way to start my change !! At the beginning it was not easy: I was in a new place where I knew no one, and I had no idea what I had to do; but fortunately I found people very willing to explain and to be close to me. I was always afraid of making a mistake, I fear that what I did was not right .. but with much satisfaction I saw that with the passage of time I learned more and more things and, sometimes, also arrived compliments. Every day I getting in relationship with many people, Italians and foreigners, and this led me to open myself, to speak and especially to put into practice the languages ​​I had studied in school. At the end of the experience I gained and view more than anything else I realized that I really like this job! Thanks to what I learned, this year the director Joan called me back to help during this holiday season and I gladly accepted this proposal. Instead of last year I was much more quiet, precise and sure of what I was doing. To date, over the season, I can say that accepting the internship led me to meet many people, to work with great colleagues, to find the job of my dreams and to change my way of being and to compare myself with others. I could not do better choice! ”
I close with my words thanking Marta for the stimulus that gives me to teach her new things, every year a little more each year … a secret anymore.Thank you Marta!Giovanna