Klaudja , the Bar Tender Speaks

My wonderful experience at the Hotel Torino began about 10 years ago. The world of work was new to me and at  Hotel Torino I learned to deal with it, living away  from home, sharing all my days, my room, my life for three months with my collegues .It has  been difficult but at the same time interesting, and  Hotel Torino was a  turning point for my life.
I learned the technical abilities to work at the bar : I learned to make my first coffee, my first spritz, my first cocktails, my  ice cream sundaes, but mostly I learned to relate to customers and colleagues .I remember the first time I did a Pina Colada: I left the shaker a little opened and all the cocktail  spilled on me. I smelt of  coconut and pineapple  !! What a laugh! When you work you must learn to be practical, to manage inventory, the galley, to do things quickly, because in summer season, the in a seaside resort, the speed reigns supreme.
Working in a seasonal business and starting very  young, you also have to learn to manage your freedom: you are far away from home, from  your parents,  you live alone and work in a Jesolo full of premises, leisure and entertainments. You would like to go out every night to have fun, to meet people, to socialize, but, you realize very quickly that if you give in to temptation every night , your  work and colleagues will be affected: Working  far from home  can really help you in your  growth , and to manage your freedom. 
The bar at Hotel Torino in Jesolo  , is not only the bar of a , but also the bar of a big restaurant pizzeria completely independent  from the hotel. The clients are  mixed : passing  from the passing customer of the restaurant with whom you relate very short time , to the loyal customer  returning  to eat pizza here at the Hotel Torino in Jesolo,  without fortgetting the hotel guest  which stays at the hotel  more days. And it is with these clients that you can talk, have a chat : it is a way to see a friendly face every day. The hotel gives the chance of half board or            full board in Jesolo and afetr meals, the hotel Guests come to the bar to drink  their coffee or an aperitif before  dinner. This s a joy, when you see the client, you just speak about the food , you prepare the coffe : is a time of light work.Hotel Torino gave me the basics and  the hope that I can build a future: starting from  my economical independence and  the opportunity to help my family and finally allowing me to continue my studies. I admit it is never easy to follow a new path but I still  love my job  and still do it with the same passion and determination than when I started. My first fears of not failure have been replaced by my awareness and feeling sure.
I have known  many people in the course of these 10 years:   I lost some of them, others  are still my friends. These people, some making me angry, other  giving me healthy relationships, have made a better and stronger Klaudja.  It is not easy to work during the summer season, because it requires a spirit of sacrifice, patience and above all love for what you do. I love to do the bartender, but last year I had the opportunity also  to work as a waitress  in the  hotel’s restaurant. As the hotel offers  full board in its restaurant , it  lives an independent life from the pizzeria.
So, for anothe time, Hotel Torino has given me the chance to get back into play, to learn something different. To wrok at  the bar is very different from the waitress work in the hotel restaurant, both as work shifts, which as skills and services. The thing that has impressed me is that many customers wanted me to serve them until the end of their holiday. And I realized that the hotel, especially a  hotel in Jesolo Lido, focuses   to establish a friendly relationship with the customer. It was really nice because, after finishing my experience in the hotel restaurant ,  the customers went down to the bar to drink coffee and to greet me. It’s nice to create  so many genuine relationships . Every year when i start my job,  I always ask of historical customers. They themselves are part of the “Hotel Torino Family.” I remember even as they prefer their coffee.Hotel Torino  is a second Home for me and part of me wherever I will work in the future, 

Vivien from the Stage to being a waitress in a 3 star Hotel in Jesolo

And now it is high time for Vivien to write about her job experience at Hotel Torino. She arrived two years ago to attend a stage from ‘Professional Institute Barbarigo in Venice, and even to Vivien, the same as Martha, I have asked to write something about her experience at Hotel Torino. From the stage, as Vivien is a really professional waitress, we have asked her to be part of our Staff.Vivien writes:     ” Well what about my experience at Hotel Torino? I really do not know where to start. It is a place that gets into your heart if you’re on vacation so imagine if you spend there a whole Summer season, even though working. Facing a whole Summer Season is not easy: the rhythms are fast and even if you like the work ,there are days when you feel you cannot face it . It is not easy to find a balance with the colleagues with whom you live, eat, work, go out also to have fun. It ‘a little bit like living together, there are negative days, days considered ‘down’ however balanced by good times and hilarious. You miss your home, because, by sure, you do not get the bus to go home and come back to work every day, but this long staying away from home, living with ‘colleagues often unknown’ is not easy for anyone.I happened to wake up in a bad mood (and who does not happen?), But then, working, starting the day with a coffee with the Hotel Chef, with His Assistant and with Giovanna, the day immediately changed into a better mood. . And then, during the day, I do not deny that many customers made me smile. In fact, at Hotel Torino I have learned that the customer becomes something more than a Customer, i do not dare to say that the Custome becomes a friend ( such an important word), but he does not remain a simple customer without a soul, without personality. Here I have learned that the Client is often a Client who, feeling at Home, comes back Season afetr Season, and is happy to find you, to have a chat with you, laugh, to tell you how his winter passed by.For me this was a new teaching, a lesson missing in every school. No doubt, at school I was taught to treat Clients politely , but the relationship i have established with many People , my and their happiness to see each other season after season, the happiness to see their grown up children who jump to the neck and hug you,, well, it is a special relationship , a special feeling you can learn only in a Hotel which becomes a Home ….I do not deny that I have also found colleagues who have taught me a lot and also have become friends, and these relationships are often kept alive during Winter Time-. A daily coexistence is not simple, if we should make us war, it would be a slaughter!     The seasonal experience at sea is different from a much more regular job in a city Hotel, the season is a gap, but then you have to consider that you are in Jesolo and there are also chances for evening entertainment, while , I have to admit that i have give up to sun tanning : I have shamelessly betrayed it with the afternoon naps. At the end of the season I found myself paying to get sun lamps! Shame!     Working in a 3 star hotel by the sea is a ‘very different experience from the 4 star hotel in town, here you become more practical, faster, you learn to create a relationship with the customer, perhaps more human, and above all it is a job that teaches you to grow on your working level, but also on your human level and it is a job that give you the chance to test yourself, your resistance, your patience and your capability to stay away from home. It is a test for your strength and and a test learning new techniques, even to manage groups that I had never served before.     I will never forget this experience, because it is not so hard to fall in love with Hotel Torino and Jesolo ”     Vivien     And I add my thanks to Vivien: thanks for bringing us your elegance, your professionalism, your punctuality and your friendship. I have also grown up with you!!!

Marta Thoughts, from the school stage to Assistant Reception

In the blog I put the thought of Marta Hotel, which last year was with us as an intern, but this year has returned to be a great help to me.I copy what Martha wrote me, because they are words that fill me with satisfaction, because, despite the short time still available, I was able to convey some of my experience and my love for this work and some ‘trick’.” I’ve always been a very shy and reserved girl, in fact, when in 2014 the school offered me an internship in Jesolo was very undecided about what to do. I took it as a challenge to myself and in the end I accepted gladly. I chose a period of five weeks just to be able to learn as much as possible and to relate with so many people to become more confident. My work was at the desk of the Hotel Torino, a 3 star hotel in Jesolo… just the best way to start my change !! At the beginning it was not easy: I was in a new place where I knew no one, and I had no idea what I had to do; but fortunately I found people very willing to explain and to be close to me. I was always afraid of making a mistake, I fear that what I did was not right .. but with much satisfaction I saw that with the passage of time I learned more and more things and, sometimes, also arrived compliments. Every day I getting in relationship with many people, Italians and foreigners, and this led me to open myself, to speak and especially to put into practice the languages ​​I had studied in school. At the end of the experience I gained and view more than anything else I realized that I really like this job! Thanks to what I learned, this year the director Joan called me back to help during this holiday season and I gladly accepted this proposal. Instead of last year I was much more quiet, precise and sure of what I was doing. To date, over the season, I can say that accepting the internship led me to meet many people, to work with great colleagues, to find the job of my dreams and to change my way of being and to compare myself with others. I could not do better choice! ”
I close with my words thanking Marta for the stimulus that gives me to teach her new things, every year a little more each year … a secret anymore.Thank you Marta!Giovanna