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What does it mean to be a three-star hotel in Jesolo

Being a 3 star hotel in Jesolo means being the heart of the city’s tourist facilities, as the three-star hotels are  the most popular among all categories. Jesolo is in fact a beach born with pensions, from small family hotels that, with time and with the city, have evolved and have made a big difference.
Pensions are once a pale reminder, and today Jesolo offers a wide range of tourist facilities even to cover the needs of those who require 5 star hotels.
However, being a three star hotel means being the keystone of our city, it means being among the hotels that encompass a large part of tourism, whether it is family tourism or youth tourism.
And to keep up with the times, three-star hotels have increased the standard of services offered: rich buffet breakfasts also with all the ‘salty’ hot and cold department so loved by foreign peoples, very varied menus and rich buffet Of appetizers and vegetables. And to keep up with their  wider slice of customers , the family, we have created menus, cakes, crib and highchair services and many other facilieties ideal for the kids.
The standard of the three-star hotel in Jesolo is a very high standard, characterized by  care for details, customer attention, concrete answers to the needs of tourists, wi fi, bicycles, parking and private beach, usually  all included  in daily rows. A love for tourism that has become a serious profession and a tourismus attentive to the demands of a constantly growing and more exigent tourism 

Seven good reasons to choose Jesolo at Carnival time

You may wonder why I recommend the carnival in Jesolo, as the homelands of  carnival are Venice, or Viareggio or Rio. Well, I’m not crazy, I  am just  suggesting you an interesting alternative  and a proposal for a different and varied weekend.• Jesolo, no doubt, can offer you very cheap  accomodations in hotels if compared to Venice. The lagoon city shoots up in the carnival weekends , because it is a period of high season and the demands of accomodations are enormous. Whereas Jesolo offers hotels which are  open even in winter, heated, good or excellent quality. So, why  do not consider to get close to Venice without spending  a fortune?• Jesolo is a very convenient starting point to reach Venice, as between bus and ferry it takes about 45 minutes to  Saint Mark Square where you can start your tour in the magical Venice carnival• Jesolo , in winte time,  is not a city of ghosts, but  it is a  living city  ready to welcome you with shops, shopping centers, restaurants, pubs, and many of the nightclubs that animate the summer nightlife are also open in winter, or in the winter weekends. Here you do not miss anything: neither places to sleep, nor places to eat, passing through places to have fun.• Jesolo offers its nature, the sea and the seaside walks, jogging, Nordic walking or a bike ride along the bike paths, of course, if the weather is good , but usually winter  is not so rigid here to prohibit outside activities. The winter sea gives different emotions, emotions in pastel colors, but always emotions. Believe me, and to get proofs, check out our facebook page where we often publish photos of our sea  in this season: a unique spectacle softened by a very relaxing silence• As alternatives to outside activities you will have the Sea Life  also open in winter, or Tropicarium with the exhibition of sharks and butterflies, if  the sea and the carnival celebrations are not enough for you• Most night pubs  in Jesolo, starting  from the Marina Club, but it is not the only one, organize at  carnival  theme nights,  musical events with the best DJs or costume parties• Jesolo offers to your very a interesting Carnival program, even if, of course, does not arise in competition to  Venice:
-Let’s start from  11th  February with the carnival in Cortellazzo, the fishing village that lies on the edge of the pinewood of Jesolo, with the parade of carnival  floats, entertainment for children, music, frittelle (carnival cakes) and hot tea, but if you come to this weekend you will find still open the Jesolo on ice, the skating ice ring  in Mazzini Square and the legendary Sand Nativity with the theme of exile
-The following weekend, 24th, 25th and 26th  February The Carnival parade will move to  Jesolo centre  with the urban street food, food stalls selling food  typical of our area, but also with the typical sweets of the carnival tradition
-The last weekend instead of the colourful carnival parade  will be waiting for you  at  Milano Square , precisely in Grifone Park
-And, according to our Jesolo tradition, Carnival is celebrated beyond the official closing date , in fact all the allegorical carnival floats in the surrounding areas which have animated the carnival weekends  and  on tour, on March 5th  will meet in Jesolo with a parade of exception, among coriandoli (the colourfull small pieces of paper thrown up in the air during carnival), music and lots of fun. It will be a joyful parade, full of high-level quality that will leave you speechless. One way to extend the happy atmosphere of the carnival, a way to justify our  tasting the  carnival sweets, a way to bring us all together on the Bafile street  and dance along it together with  to those who animates the  carnival wagons.And when you are cold, warm up in one of the bars or pastries that are waiting for you with hot drinks, mulled wine and carnival sweet delights, called frittelle, castagnole and crostoli . 
What could be happier than Carnival? Happy atmosphere, the chance to dress up and to feel someone else, to eat sweets, thinking that the diet will begin with Lent.  See you in Jesolo !

Free wifi in Jesolo hotel: at Hotel Torino you can, that is why!

No doubt that Hotel Torino in Jesolo is not perfect, but, for sure, we have always worked to keep pace with the times and even, sometimes, to anticipate them, as in the services offered to those who choose us. Among the services offered at no additional cost, there is the free wi fi throughout the hotel that we decided to offer to our guests several years ago, as far back as 2011, if we  remember correctly.
We travel  as our guests, and travelling, we have realized  how many hotels, both in Italy and abroad, do not offer this service for free, but, in 2017, you can not be deaf to the invasive need , now even children, to connect to the network especially when you are abroad. If you look at a customer when entering the hotel, one of the first things he does is to  look for a wi fi signal and its password. 
Nowadays, we live  connected 24 hours a day, it is possible to believe that we do not have this need on vacation? Indeed, on vacation perhaps this need is felt even more alive to check availability, book services, send post photos, work or respond to work emails, stay connected with family and friends .Therefore, the impossibility  to access the network for free  becomes a real primary yardstick, since our life lives connected. And  is  remotely conceivable a hotel room without at least one person who does not have a smartphone or tablet? NO! With this in mind, Hotel Torino, since 2011 has decided to offer this service for free.
Several years ago, we have even decided to expose at the reception desk the sign indicating free WI FI and the password directly, a way to welcome, without pressing the client to ask for   for password and feeling incovinient.Most wi fi networks require access and recording, but now all the free wifi systems require authentication and recordings. Every year we try to expand the network to give a greater speed of navigation, in 2016 we divided the internal wifi network for the hotel by the one devoted to  customers so that our equipment, PCs and more, do not slow down the connection for the Guest.
This means listening completely to  the customer who,  personally, through reviews or through his gestures and words, he talks  to us all the time,  incessantly telling us his needs and our work consists precisely in this: in knowing how to listen to accomplish what we can accomplish to give satisfaction

Jesolo Hotel near Capannina Beach and not only

What does it mean for young people to come to Jesolo and choose the right hotel? It means to choose a hotel closed to their points of interest, and mainly to the most famous places of Jesolo nightlife. And Hotel Torino is closed to Capannina Beach . This means that our hotel is in a central position since the Capannina Beach  is one of the most famous places of our night life.The Hotel Torino has characteristics suitable for this type of tourist, the young tourist who want to find a hotel convenient to easily reach its landmarks in Jesolo Lido, that is why:
-We  have a very central location that is close to Piazza Mazzini which is the heart of the pubs animating our nightlife: the already mentioned Capannina on the beach and just 200 meters from our hotel. In summer  people love enjoy, drink and listen to outdoor music.What could be more glamorous than a pub overlooking the sea? As in the movies, so in Lido di Jesolo, you can also find this! The place comes alive from morning with the private beach, appetizers and evenings lit by the moon and to the rhythm of the right music
-Be Close to Piazza Mazzini means to be close to many other renowned nightlife pubs .Why do not  we mention the Mercedes Bar just in our private beach? Or the well kownownl Gasoline Road Bar? The distances are the same, so it is comfortable :you stay at  Hotel Torino and you do not need to drive your car to reach the night pubs.You can enjoy the well known Mortazza Party on Sundays evenings at Mercedes Bar  and it takes two minute walking to reach the hotel
-You can reserve Hotel Torino only for a weekend . Obviously you have to wait for the right moment. We rent rooms for weekends some days before the weekend, but it is not so difficult to find place
– We define ourselves as a cheap and therefore affordable hotel to young people who often do not want to spend too much
– We are an elastic hotel in terms of breakfast time. With us, breakfast is served until midday and beyond. If you do not arrive before 9:30 am, the closing time for breakfast, we do not forget you! For You, there  are always rich trays full of everything from sweet to savory  and you will be served breakfast at bar on the open air terrace. In your late breakfast you will get everything : from eggs to bacon, from yogurt to  pastries passing throug  bread, coffee, meats, cheeses and fruit. Your breakfast will become a real brunch.
We wait for your summer weekends with your friends, laughters and your joy.

Cycletourism in Jesolo and complimentary Bicycles at Hotel Torino

Recently  tourism has changed considerably thanks to new technologies, thanks to the powerful influence of social networks and to all the input that we receive from all over the world. We live in the era of ‘I want it all and I want to experience everything’ and tourism has become quite complex with a  varied offer. You no longer need to choose a holiday at sea, but, during your  seaside holiday you need stimulous and entertainments and chances to test many  activities.
In this perspective green and sustainable tourism is promoted , tourism that allows you to enjoy nature and  to visit unknown places . To meet these new demands, in Italy, as sometimes abroad, green tourism has been promoted and when we speak about green tourism we also and most of all speak of cycling. This type of tourism is ideal for bicycle lovers, but not only, even for those  who ,on vacation, decide to take a few hours to explore the lesser-known cornersto get a deep and relaxing contact with nature.
In this promotion of green tourism ,Jesolo is perfectly placed with its  creating and developing  its cycle paths  and the Jesolo Ambient Bike to discover the 150 km of cycle paths that wind in Jesolo and its surroundings.
When you choose Jesolo you basilcally  choose a beach holiday, but, to stay here with the onlòy purpose of  tan,  is often boring , especially for  the most active and curious tourists. And, thanks to a vivid and varied nature, from the sea to the lagoon, from the countryside to nature reserves, our city offers endless opportunities for discovery and exploration. And that is why, after having designed and maintained cycle routes, was created the Jesolo Ambient Bike, a guide taking you  along the six chosen paths for cycling and along the paths developed  for the citizens of Jesolo and tourists, with indications of farms, assistance . The routes have been divided in several  colors paths 
1.Orange Cycle Route
2.Pink Cycle Route
3.Green Route (Venetian Lagoon)
4.Blu Route (The Countryside)
5.Red Route
6.Yellow Route (Urban )
In Jesolo there are no hills, no mountains and every route becomes so easily reachable and achievable, both to the most trained cyclers and to the less trained ones.
In the last years, almost all the hotels in Jesolo provide free bicycles to their guests. Hotel Torino  too . I remember that we started  some years ago with  some bicycles without  any written and also a bit rickety, but, realizing that our guests loved bycicles, the following season  we immediately provided with  far more fashion bicycles, safer and with our writing on them , proud to be able to give an extra service free of charge to those who choose us. And since last summer, aware that we are a family hotel, we also bought children seats to attach to bicycles.
I remember the first time I helped a client to attack the seat, we laughed like two crazy women, both in serious trouble. I, who apologized saying that my difficulties were  justified because I have no  children and the guest  struggling  with the straps. It was an enterprise, but to see her leaving the hotel by bicycle  with the baby, it was a great joy and after a first very careful monitoring, I even filmed them!
The city of Jesolo itself, created the bike sharing, offering,ree of charge, both  for residents and tourists, about 120 bicycles in exchange for an identity card , given back on returning the bicycle. Thanks to our central position on Via Bafile, Hotel Torino , our guests have three, not one, very closed stations where they can pick up the bicycles : Piazza Trento, Piazza Internazionale  and Piazza Aurora.
If you are a real cycling lover . why don’t you bring your own  bike on holiday ? Your bicycle  will be certainlyprofessional and you will be able to afford to cycle longer distances. We understand that you may be afraid to leave it in the car park and that’s why we at Hotel Torino  help you find the right shelter to the bicycle: in your room balcony  big enough for this purpose, or along the same hotel corridors on the ground floor which we often use for service purposes.
If you desire to spend a whole day cycling and you have booked on  full board basis no problem ! We will charge you only half board or bed and breakfast or we will provide you with a big basket lunch with sandwiches of your choice, or rice salad pasta, fruit, cold food and water .
We attach cycling routes in pdf in the section of our  web site  devoted to offers . If you are a bicycled lover you can download them  together with some other offres devoted to bicycle lovers . When you come to Jesolo you will already to prepared  and you will already know the best routes for you, for some hours, for a whole day . But the bicycle will certainly add relax and a deeper touch with nature.
See you in Jesolo

Klaudja , the Bar Tender Speaks

My wonderful experience at the Hotel Torino began about 10 years ago. The world of work was new to me and at  Hotel Torino I learned to deal with it, living away  from home, sharing all my days, my room, my life for three months with my collegues .It has  been difficult but at the same time interesting, and  Hotel Torino was a  turning point for my life.
I learned the technical abilities to work at the bar : I learned to make my first coffee, my first spritz, my first cocktails, my  ice cream sundaes, but mostly I learned to relate to customers and colleagues .I remember the first time I did a Pina Colada: I left the shaker a little opened and all the cocktail  spilled on me. I smelt of  coconut and pineapple  !! What a laugh! When you work you must learn to be practical, to manage inventory, the galley, to do things quickly, because in summer season, the in a seaside resort, the speed reigns supreme.
Working in a seasonal business and starting very  young, you also have to learn to manage your freedom: you are far away from home, from  your parents,  you live alone and work in a Jesolo full of premises, leisure and entertainments. You would like to go out every night to have fun, to meet people, to socialize, but, you realize very quickly that if you give in to temptation every night , your  work and colleagues will be affected: Working  far from home  can really help you in your  growth , and to manage your freedom. 
The bar at Hotel Torino in Jesolo  , is not only the bar of a , but also the bar of a big restaurant pizzeria completely independent  from the hotel. The clients are  mixed : passing  from the passing customer of the restaurant with whom you relate very short time , to the loyal customer  returning  to eat pizza here at the Hotel Torino in Jesolo,  without fortgetting the hotel guest  which stays at the hotel  more days. And it is with these clients that you can talk, have a chat : it is a way to see a friendly face every day. The hotel gives the chance of half board or            full board in Jesolo and afetr meals, the hotel Guests come to the bar to drink  their coffee or an aperitif before  dinner. This s a joy, when you see the client, you just speak about the food , you prepare the coffe : is a time of light work.Hotel Torino gave me the basics and  the hope that I can build a future: starting from  my economical independence and  the opportunity to help my family and finally allowing me to continue my studies. I admit it is never easy to follow a new path but I still  love my job  and still do it with the same passion and determination than when I started. My first fears of not failure have been replaced by my awareness and feeling sure.
I have known  many people in the course of these 10 years:   I lost some of them, others  are still my friends. These people, some making me angry, other  giving me healthy relationships, have made a better and stronger Klaudja.  It is not easy to work during the summer season, because it requires a spirit of sacrifice, patience and above all love for what you do. I love to do the bartender, but last year I had the opportunity also  to work as a waitress  in the  hotel’s restaurant. As the hotel offers  full board in its restaurant , it  lives an independent life from the pizzeria.
So, for anothe time, Hotel Torino has given me the chance to get back into play, to learn something different. To wrok at  the bar is very different from the waitress work in the hotel restaurant, both as work shifts, which as skills and services. The thing that has impressed me is that many customers wanted me to serve them until the end of their holiday. And I realized that the hotel, especially a  hotel in Jesolo Lido, focuses   to establish a friendly relationship with the customer. It was really nice because, after finishing my experience in the hotel restaurant ,  the customers went down to the bar to drink coffee and to greet me. It’s nice to create  so many genuine relationships . Every year when i start my job,  I always ask of historical customers. They themselves are part of the “Hotel Torino Family.” I remember even as they prefer their coffee.Hotel Torino  is a second Home for me and part of me wherever I will work in the future, 

Jesolo, relaxing holiday Vs Madagascar, adventure holiday

In this winter of hard work and intertwined collaborations, we decided to start a cultural  exchange  for travel ideas with the web  site, a site that we consider to be very interesting as it offers travel ideas and more. A respectful  blog , a respectful hotel, can not only talk about itself, but it is fair to be aware that there are, in addition to hotels in Jesolo, in addition to  Hotel Torino and over, so many holidays you can not be certain enumerate all.
Obviously, we would like everyone to come here on holiday in Jesolo and at Hotel Torino, but this is not possible and we recommend, for the holidays, to consult this site where you will certainly find some original ideas or some idea that might be interesting for you. To follow, we take an excerpt from the blog, and a travel tip in Madagascar, to give you a taste of what you can discover running around the site.
That tells you to …. Enjoy the reading!
Travel in Madagascar through the climbing and trekking
Its nature, its fauna and its endemic flora, its friendly people make up the immense tourist attractions in Madagascar. Less known but very impressive, spots of trekking and climbed represent d ‘interest.
Camp Catta, the star of the great names of climbing
The massive Tsaranono, the national 7, in the vicinity of Ambalavao is a well-known sport by climbing enthusiasts across the world. If before, a certain level it was necessary to appreciate the beauty of the place, the more ‘simple and accessible routes are now available. If you have already had a few years of prattica before or you are still young and beginners, Camp Catta, is reputed to be the spot more ‘fans and reserves you the best of visits.
Schools and proffessional are also available to accompany you and share with you some useful tips. They will indicate then the sites “fady” (ie forbidden by tradition), which you should definitely avoid.
Other spots of the southern part
Apart from the massive Tsaranoro, discover the other Malagasy sites. Not far from there ‘, to Andringitra, of hundreds of reefs for an outdoor show in Scalada. For those who have already experienced, the ones that make 300m above sea level await you. The more ‘daring can be precursors of new ittinerari.
Even more ‘in the south but increasingly on highway 7, the massive Isalo is another hill that is worth a stop. Once you are on these hills, you are in a position to admire a landscape that has nothing to do with the splendor of the Mojave Desert. These suggested routes are figured in site.
Why not go on a trek?
You want to associate your stay in Madagascar with prattica physical activity without being a fanatic climbed? Opt for a hiking, one of the most ‘effective means and enthralling to get in touch with the population. According to your desire, you can leave for a half day or a few days. In Tana, its mountains and its real Dodice HfAns are ideal for this type of activity. Rotten in these villages that look like the years of the modern civilization light can also be organized to offer you the most ‘pure of bewilderment.
What do you think ?, before you make a trip to Jesolo, for nightlife, for relaxing, for nature certainly less wild and powerful, and in the second holiday, treat yourself to a more adventurous destination. We in Jesolo we heal your tiredness and will take care of your relaxation, in more adventurous places You will become Indiana Jones.Google Traduttore per il Business:Translator ToolkitTraduttore di siti webStrumento a supporto dell’exportDisattiva traduzione istantaneaInformazioni su Google TraduttorePer cellulariCommunityPrivacy e TerminiGuidaInvia commenti

Vivien from the Stage to being a waitress in a 3 star Hotel in Jesolo

And now it is high time for Vivien to write about her job experience at Hotel Torino. She arrived two years ago to attend a stage from ‘Professional Institute Barbarigo in Venice, and even to Vivien, the same as Martha, I have asked to write something about her experience at Hotel Torino. From the stage, as Vivien is a really professional waitress, we have asked her to be part of our Staff.Vivien writes:     ” Well what about my experience at Hotel Torino? I really do not know where to start. It is a place that gets into your heart if you’re on vacation so imagine if you spend there a whole Summer season, even though working. Facing a whole Summer Season is not easy: the rhythms are fast and even if you like the work ,there are days when you feel you cannot face it . It is not easy to find a balance with the colleagues with whom you live, eat, work, go out also to have fun. It ‘a little bit like living together, there are negative days, days considered ‘down’ however balanced by good times and hilarious. You miss your home, because, by sure, you do not get the bus to go home and come back to work every day, but this long staying away from home, living with ‘colleagues often unknown’ is not easy for anyone.I happened to wake up in a bad mood (and who does not happen?), But then, working, starting the day with a coffee with the Hotel Chef, with His Assistant and with Giovanna, the day immediately changed into a better mood. . And then, during the day, I do not deny that many customers made me smile. In fact, at Hotel Torino I have learned that the customer becomes something more than a Customer, i do not dare to say that the Custome becomes a friend ( such an important word), but he does not remain a simple customer without a soul, without personality. Here I have learned that the Client is often a Client who, feeling at Home, comes back Season afetr Season, and is happy to find you, to have a chat with you, laugh, to tell you how his winter passed by.For me this was a new teaching, a lesson missing in every school. No doubt, at school I was taught to treat Clients politely , but the relationship i have established with many People , my and their happiness to see each other season after season, the happiness to see their grown up children who jump to the neck and hug you,, well, it is a special relationship , a special feeling you can learn only in a Hotel which becomes a Home ….I do not deny that I have also found colleagues who have taught me a lot and also have become friends, and these relationships are often kept alive during Winter Time-. A daily coexistence is not simple, if we should make us war, it would be a slaughter!     The seasonal experience at sea is different from a much more regular job in a city Hotel, the season is a gap, but then you have to consider that you are in Jesolo and there are also chances for evening entertainment, while , I have to admit that i have give up to sun tanning : I have shamelessly betrayed it with the afternoon naps. At the end of the season I found myself paying to get sun lamps! Shame!     Working in a 3 star hotel by the sea is a ‘very different experience from the 4 star hotel in town, here you become more practical, faster, you learn to create a relationship with the customer, perhaps more human, and above all it is a job that teaches you to grow on your working level, but also on your human level and it is a job that give you the chance to test yourself, your resistance, your patience and your capability to stay away from home. It is a test for your strength and and a test learning new techniques, even to manage groups that I had never served before.     I will never forget this experience, because it is not so hard to fall in love with Hotel Torino and Jesolo ”     Vivien     And I add my thanks to Vivien: thanks for bringing us your elegance, your professionalism, your punctuality and your friendship. I have also grown up with you!!!

Marta Thoughts, from the school stage to Assistant Reception

In the blog I put the thought of Marta Hotel, which last year was with us as an intern, but this year has returned to be a great help to me.I copy what Martha wrote me, because they are words that fill me with satisfaction, because, despite the short time still available, I was able to convey some of my experience and my love for this work and some ‘trick’.” I’ve always been a very shy and reserved girl, in fact, when in 2014 the school offered me an internship in Jesolo was very undecided about what to do. I took it as a challenge to myself and in the end I accepted gladly. I chose a period of five weeks just to be able to learn as much as possible and to relate with so many people to become more confident. My work was at the desk of the Hotel Torino, a 3 star hotel in Jesolo… just the best way to start my change !! At the beginning it was not easy: I was in a new place where I knew no one, and I had no idea what I had to do; but fortunately I found people very willing to explain and to be close to me. I was always afraid of making a mistake, I fear that what I did was not right .. but with much satisfaction I saw that with the passage of time I learned more and more things and, sometimes, also arrived compliments. Every day I getting in relationship with many people, Italians and foreigners, and this led me to open myself, to speak and especially to put into practice the languages ​​I had studied in school. At the end of the experience I gained and view more than anything else I realized that I really like this job! Thanks to what I learned, this year the director Joan called me back to help during this holiday season and I gladly accepted this proposal. Instead of last year I was much more quiet, precise and sure of what I was doing. To date, over the season, I can say that accepting the internship led me to meet many people, to work with great colleagues, to find the job of my dreams and to change my way of being and to compare myself with others. I could not do better choice! ”
I close with my words thanking Marta for the stimulus that gives me to teach her new things, every year a little more each year … a secret anymore.Thank you Marta!Giovanna

Carnival Today Vs Carnival in the Past


The Carnival of Venice, if not the most impressive, is certainly the best known for the romantic charm of the past and that still gives off.900 years have elapsed from the first document that refers to this famous festival. Under the Doge Vitale Falier, already since 1904 are quotes amusement of Venice before the start of Lent, but the carnival festival becomes public in 1296Carnival does not arise, however, in Venice; its origins are pagan and date back to the ancestral cults of passage from winter to spring, cults of many companies, just remember the Latin Saturnalia or Dionysian cults
The base is one: the ruling classes let the people free from the brakes, gave the people the freedom to vent, the freedom to make fun of the powerful by wearing masks on the face. A useful escape valve to control the social tensions following the example of “bread and circuses” Latin.Once the Carnival of Venice allowed to leave aside the occupations to devote himself to the entertainment: stages were built in the main camps and people flocked to see jugglers, acrobats, animals, dancing, acrobats; trumpets, fifes and drums. Street vendors were selling dried fruit, chestnuts and fritole (pancakes) or crostoli and Galani.The Venetian has always been known for His unconditional love for fun, for the game (remember the Reduced casinos of time where they could come in and play even women) and for pleasure (remember the Calle delle Stue, the old brothels stue were called, with the home Ca ‘Rampani where prostitutes were accepted that the family had given rampanoi precisely one of their properties, Rampani House to accommodate them).
And Carnival, covered by the mask is given free rein to irresponsibility, to the whole and over: the world seemed not to offer more resistance to the desires became feasible and there was no thought or act that is not possible. This was Venice in the eighteenth century, the century, more than any other, made the scene of infinite charm and heritage of the imagination of the world. The Venice of the eighteenth century was the city of Casanova, a superficial world, festive, decorative and gallant, the city of Carlo Goldoni that well drew his wonderful City and His philosophy festive, especially during Carnival
“Here and there, the wife her husbandEveryone goes where parEvery one runs to some invitation,to those who Giocar to dance. ”
In the nineteenth century, the Carnival lost a bit ‘in student pranks and carnal spirit to plunge in Romanticism, and then crosses a time down with the fall of the Venetian Republic and the suspicious eyes of the French and Austrian. At this time of decline, the tradition is kept alive in the islands.Towards the end of 1970, the Venetians resume their Carnival and revive, the carnival is in their guts, the Serenissima always hovers over the city, you hear it, it picks up and the carnival was a riotous His expressionIn in 1979. The City of Venice, the Teatro La Fenice, the provincial company of stay and the Biennale prepared a program of 11 days leaving too much room for improvisation and spontaneity without forgetting logistical support with canteens and affordable housing accessible.We thank the Venetians to be so deeply rooted in their origins, and of having given back these wonderful days. The pastry shop windows become an irresistible temptation among pancakes of all kinds, including Venetian pastries, Galani, crostoli, around the streets of the town they pass by beautiful masks, lost in time, suspended between today and yesterday, the bacari (bars typical Venetian) dispense wine, cichetti (meatballs, cod fish on toast, sardines in sauce, all traditional Venetian appetizers), spritz in an atmosphere of extremely high alcohol contentPrivate parties in Venetian palaces, ladies and dandies in gaudy costumes sipping hot chocolate in the cafes of Piazza San Marco, or ‘ciacolano’ (chat in Venetian) accommodated lazily and nobly in Venetian hotels, carnivals, feast Arsenal: air of celebration and joy that pervades and invades the whole lagoon of Venice which is and always will be the most precious jewel.I myself can not always be at the Venice carnival although I live in Jesolo and Jesolo offers its Carnival, with masks, allegorical masks , parties and hotels in Jesolo which open as a cheap basis to enjoy the venice Carnival.   And this year more than ever, I wandered with friends met on vacation in the streets of masked people, and in their eyes the joy, wonder and warmth that you can give Venice with its student pranks … for me it is almost normal, but for them, as the first Carnival lived in Venice, it was a constant surprise and eyes rolled at the end of the evening between alcohol, extreme beauty and funAlso this year the carnival is over and now we all pay for  our excesses with Lent