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What is a Hotel, or better what is Hotel Torino?

I found myself, running around the web, to read an article by a blog about what a # albergo.In this article have reported several opinions by more or less famous, such as copy and paste, and what is written in the blog:
The hotel is where you can give more than you expect. (Philippe Terryn – Manager Accor Hotels)
The hotel to me is … a nice room with a view. (Lele Luttazzi – Designer)
The hotel is the place where no one bothers me and where everyone respects my desire to isolate myself. (Vasco Rossi – Songwriter)
The hotel is the best set for people going, or is going. (Stefano Giraldi – Photographer)
The hotel is primarily a destination. I am looking for charm, charm and a comfortable bathroom. (Mario Monicelli – Director)
It ‘easy to say by theorists what a hotel, but for those who live there, for those who organize, for those who work there, what a hotel?
Surely the job, a source of income, but, when you get in a hotel, you by Customer, live an emotion, you feel a sensation. To give one, rather LA feeling, first you have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the hotel you’re going to ” color with your target ” and your potential customers.
When I arrived at the Hotel Torino, I quickly deduced that it was a lost game devote customer business. The business does not usually use the sea as a base. Elementary analysis: hotel a few meters from the sea, attached to one of the queens of the Movida Jesolana #movidajesolana squares, Piazza Mazzini, a cook been run for years with very authentic dishes, light, but with a home cooking led me to strengthen certain characteristics, buffets, breakfasts, the facilities for children and you’re done! The Hotel Torino has focused on the customer right: the family, the young with their weekends with their bachelor hen, couples.
But this is not the essence, the essence is to give a ” taste ”, a ” color ” .With the hotel owners who are present in the hotel, why not give the impression of House? and behold, the second part of the game was made: the Hotel Torino is Your House at Sea. I wish that when the customer arrives at the hotel feel at your ease, not observed, judged, looked coldly. Will also hot in summer, but a welcome super professional and cold, makes me cringe, and we use to freshen the air conditioning. When I see and hear the children who, after lunch, they play a pillow in the living room, they laugh, make changes, this is music to my ears, as well as groups of young people who celebrate the hen and celibacy, and that if they fall a little loudly late at night, they leave the reception the note saying that they, gentlemen, that means I’m getting closer to my goal: the guest feels free, like in your house. It is difficult that the guest abuses of this freedom, indeed, if he loves this atmosphere of conviviality, a few rules, but a lot of freedom to enjoy, freedom to have fun, there is usually only the respect and often the back.
Then choose our hotel means savoring the House, however, while at home you have to work, cooking, cleaning, in this great house we think we to you! We are here for and we do it with dedication and also with a little pride, we admit it.
We wait, and we’d like to hear your comments, perhaps on the facebook page of the hotel https://www.facebook.com/Hotel-Torino-Jesolo-308955799151225/ where you can also tell the hotel your perception and perception you have had us!