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Seven good reasons to choose Jesolo at Carnival time

You may wonder why I recommend the carnival in Jesolo, as the homelands of  carnival are Venice, or Viareggio or Rio. Well, I’m not crazy, I  am just  suggesting you an interesting alternative  and a proposal for a different and varied weekend.• Jesolo, no doubt, can offer you very cheap  accomodations in hotels if compared to Venice. The lagoon city shoots up in the carnival weekends , because it is a period of high season and the demands of accomodations are enormous. Whereas Jesolo offers hotels which are  open even in winter, heated, good or excellent quality. So, why  do not consider to get close to Venice without spending  a fortune?• Jesolo is a very convenient starting point to reach Venice, as between bus and ferry it takes about 45 minutes to  Saint Mark Square where you can start your tour in the magical Venice carnival• Jesolo , in winte time,  is not a city of ghosts, but  it is a  living city  ready to welcome you with shops, shopping centers, restaurants, pubs, and many of the nightclubs that animate the summer nightlife are also open in winter, or in the winter weekends. Here you do not miss anything: neither places to sleep, nor places to eat, passing through places to have fun.• Jesolo offers its nature, the sea and the seaside walks, jogging, Nordic walking or a bike ride along the bike paths, of course, if the weather is good , but usually winter  is not so rigid here to prohibit outside activities. The winter sea gives different emotions, emotions in pastel colors, but always emotions. Believe me, and to get proofs, check out our facebook page where we often publish photos of our sea  in this season: a unique spectacle softened by a very relaxing silence• As alternatives to outside activities you will have the Sea Life  also open in winter, or Tropicarium with the exhibition of sharks and butterflies, if  the sea and the carnival celebrations are not enough for you• Most night pubs  in Jesolo, starting  from the Marina Club, but it is not the only one, organize at  carnival  theme nights,  musical events with the best DJs or costume parties• Jesolo offers to your very a interesting Carnival program, even if, of course, does not arise in competition to  Venice:
-Let’s start from  11th  February with the carnival in Cortellazzo, the fishing village that lies on the edge of the pinewood of Jesolo, with the parade of carnival  floats, entertainment for children, music, frittelle (carnival cakes) and hot tea, but if you come to this weekend you will find still open the Jesolo on ice, the skating ice ring  in Mazzini Square and the legendary Sand Nativity with the theme of exile
-The following weekend, 24th, 25th and 26th  February The Carnival parade will move to  Jesolo centre  with the urban street food, food stalls selling food  typical of our area, but also with the typical sweets of the carnival tradition
-The last weekend instead of the colourful carnival parade  will be waiting for you  at  Milano Square , precisely in Grifone Park
-And, according to our Jesolo tradition, Carnival is celebrated beyond the official closing date , in fact all the allegorical carnival floats in the surrounding areas which have animated the carnival weekends  and  on tour, on March 5th  will meet in Jesolo with a parade of exception, among coriandoli (the colourfull small pieces of paper thrown up in the air during carnival), music and lots of fun. It will be a joyful parade, full of high-level quality that will leave you speechless. One way to extend the happy atmosphere of the carnival, a way to justify our  tasting the  carnival sweets, a way to bring us all together on the Bafile street  and dance along it together with  to those who animates the  carnival wagons.And when you are cold, warm up in one of the bars or pastries that are waiting for you with hot drinks, mulled wine and carnival sweet delights, called frittelle, castagnole and crostoli . 
What could be happier than Carnival? Happy atmosphere, the chance to dress up and to feel someone else, to eat sweets, thinking that the diet will begin with Lent.  See you in Jesolo !