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Free wifi in Jesolo hotel: at Hotel Torino you can, that is why!

No doubt that Hotel Torino in Jesolo is not perfect, but, for sure, we have always worked to keep pace with the times and even, sometimes, to anticipate them, as in the services offered to those who choose us. Among the services offered at no additional cost, there is the free wi fi throughout the hotel that we decided to offer to our guests several years ago, as far back as 2011, if we  remember correctly.
We travel  as our guests, and travelling, we have realized  how many hotels, both in Italy and abroad, do not offer this service for free, but, in 2017, you can not be deaf to the invasive need , now even children, to connect to the network especially when you are abroad. If you look at a customer when entering the hotel, one of the first things he does is to  look for a wi fi signal and its password. 
Nowadays, we live  connected 24 hours a day, it is possible to believe that we do not have this need on vacation? Indeed, on vacation perhaps this need is felt even more alive to check availability, book services, send post photos, work or respond to work emails, stay connected with family and friends .Therefore, the impossibility  to access the network for free  becomes a real primary yardstick, since our life lives connected. And  is  remotely conceivable a hotel room without at least one person who does not have a smartphone or tablet? NO! With this in mind, Hotel Torino, since 2011 has decided to offer this service for free.
Several years ago, we have even decided to expose at the reception desk the sign indicating free WI FI and the password directly, a way to welcome, without pressing the client to ask for   for password and feeling incovinient.Most wi fi networks require access and recording, but now all the free wifi systems require authentication and recordings. Every year we try to expand the network to give a greater speed of navigation, in 2016 we divided the internal wifi network for the hotel by the one devoted to  customers so that our equipment, PCs and more, do not slow down the connection for the Guest.
This means listening completely to  the customer who,  personally, through reviews or through his gestures and words, he talks  to us all the time,  incessantly telling us his needs and our work consists precisely in this: in knowing how to listen to accomplish what we can accomplish to give satisfaction