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Cycletourism in Jesolo and complimentary Bicycles at Hotel Torino

Recently  tourism has changed considerably thanks to new technologies, thanks to the powerful influence of social networks and to all the input that we receive from all over the world. We live in the era of ‘I want it all and I want to experience everything’ and tourism has become quite complex with a  varied offer. You no longer need to choose a holiday at sea, but, during your  seaside holiday you need stimulous and entertainments and chances to test many  activities.
In this perspective green and sustainable tourism is promoted , tourism that allows you to enjoy nature and  to visit unknown places . To meet these new demands, in Italy, as sometimes abroad, green tourism has been promoted and when we speak about green tourism we also and most of all speak of cycling. This type of tourism is ideal for bicycle lovers, but not only, even for those  who ,on vacation, decide to take a few hours to explore the lesser-known cornersto get a deep and relaxing contact with nature.
In this promotion of green tourism ,Jesolo is perfectly placed with its  creating and developing  its cycle paths  and the Jesolo Ambient Bike to discover the 150 km of cycle paths that wind in Jesolo and its surroundings.
When you choose Jesolo you basilcally  choose a beach holiday, but, to stay here with the onlòy purpose of  tan,  is often boring , especially for  the most active and curious tourists. And, thanks to a vivid and varied nature, from the sea to the lagoon, from the countryside to nature reserves, our city offers endless opportunities for discovery and exploration. And that is why, after having designed and maintained cycle routes, was created the Jesolo Ambient Bike, a guide taking you  along the six chosen paths for cycling and along the paths developed  for the citizens of Jesolo and tourists, with indications of farms, assistance . The routes have been divided in several  colors paths 
1.Orange Cycle Route
2.Pink Cycle Route
3.Green Route (Venetian Lagoon)
4.Blu Route (The Countryside)
5.Red Route
6.Yellow Route (Urban )
In Jesolo there are no hills, no mountains and every route becomes so easily reachable and achievable, both to the most trained cyclers and to the less trained ones.
In the last years, almost all the hotels in Jesolo provide free bicycles to their guests. Hotel Torino  too . I remember that we started  some years ago with  some bicycles without  any written and also a bit rickety, but, realizing that our guests loved bycicles, the following season  we immediately provided with  far more fashion bicycles, safer and with our writing on them , proud to be able to give an extra service free of charge to those who choose us. And since last summer, aware that we are a family hotel, we also bought children seats to attach to bicycles.
I remember the first time I helped a client to attack the seat, we laughed like two crazy women, both in serious trouble. I, who apologized saying that my difficulties were  justified because I have no  children and the guest  struggling  with the straps. It was an enterprise, but to see her leaving the hotel by bicycle  with the baby, it was a great joy and after a first very careful monitoring, I even filmed them!
The city of Jesolo itself, created the bike sharing, offering,ree of charge, both  for residents and tourists, about 120 bicycles in exchange for an identity card , given back on returning the bicycle. Thanks to our central position on Via Bafile, Hotel Torino , our guests have three, not one, very closed stations where they can pick up the bicycles : Piazza Trento, Piazza Internazionale  and Piazza Aurora.
If you are a real cycling lover . why don’t you bring your own  bike on holiday ? Your bicycle  will be certainlyprofessional and you will be able to afford to cycle longer distances. We understand that you may be afraid to leave it in the car park and that’s why we at Hotel Torino  help you find the right shelter to the bicycle: in your room balcony  big enough for this purpose, or along the same hotel corridors on the ground floor which we often use for service purposes.
If you desire to spend a whole day cycling and you have booked on  full board basis no problem ! We will charge you only half board or bed and breakfast or we will provide you with a big basket lunch with sandwiches of your choice, or rice salad pasta, fruit, cold food and water .
We attach cycling routes in pdf in the section of our  web site  devoted to offers . If you are a bicycled lover you can download them  together with some other offres devoted to bicycle lovers . When you come to Jesolo you will already to prepared  and you will already know the best routes for you, for some hours, for a whole day . But the bicycle will certainly add relax and a deeper touch with nature.
See you in Jesolo