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Each city has its own distinctive character: the commercial Padua has also  a rich religious and artistic heart.Things to see:

  1. Cappella degli Scrovegni. Glorious Chapel in Padua whose  intense blue dome  studded with golden stars seems to hover on the vibrant frescoes by Giotto telling  the lives of Mary and Jesus. The artist was called in 1305 by Enrico Scrovegni to work on the chapel built to expiate the  father’s sins,  as he was a  loan shark. Here we can admire the Last Judgement on the entrance wall, with a host of angels with helmet, shield and halo. For reservations: www.cappelladegliscrovegni.it
  2. University of Bo: the original stand from which Galileo Galilei was lecturing between 1592 and 1610 can be seen in the tour of the historic University of Padua, founded in 1222, and second only to Bologna. Other famous scholars Copernicus, Gabriele Falloppio and Elena Lucrezia Corner Piscopia, the first graduated woman of the story.only g uided tours, tel 049 827 30 47
  3. Basilica of the Saint.  The revered pilgrimage site in Padua  was built in the thirteenth century  to house the  mortal remains  of St. Anthony’s, the Franciscan Monk  who worked miracles. From the architectural point of view the basilica blends Romanesque, Gothic, Islamic and Byzantine  elements and is a treasure of masterpieces of Sansovino, Tiziano and Tiepolo. free admission

Ogni città ha il suo carattere distintivo: la commerciale Padova che ha anche un ricco cuore religiose e artistico