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Hotel Torino, by2014, as news for its Guests has become a  WALK HOTEL
Nordic walking, the technique to walk with sticks , designed in the '30s in Finland as a method of off-season training for cross country skiers,  can be rightly considered as a total body  sport which cen be enjoyed by everyone. Adopting a proper technique you can have a high muscle involvement and an effective cardiovascular work getting huge benefits to your health:
use more energy than the 20-30% compared to walking without poles.
 You get an involvement of about 90% of our musculature (over 600 muscles)
With the active involvement of the auxiliary respiratory muscles, increased oxygenation of the entire body.
And in Jesolo  we can offer many opportunities: lots of walks to enjoy the beach at dawn, dusk or moonlight, walk in  areas perhaps little known, such as the nature reserve of Lio Piccolo, or to Venice.
In 2014 there was a very big meeting  of the European Nordic walkers to discover Venice with sticks, and we had Guests sleeping and eating here with no  troubles  to reach Venice by bus .
Hotel Torino,  as a hotel welcoming nordik walkers, provide  them with free , but useful services :
-high-energy breakfast (but this is one of the highlights of our hotel to all guests)
-compensation bus ticket validated for eventual return by bus
-bars and energy drinks  for the walk
-some pairs of telescopic  sticks for those who have forgotten or did not have room  enough in their luggage
secure storage for your stuff
-wash any used clothing for the activity of Nordic walking
-information on the activities of Nordic walking taking place in Jesolo accompanied by certified instructor
-and medical assistance
The holidays should be the time for relax , but Hotel Torino also helps you to stay in shape .
The movement walk arn in arm with the thinking, and a healthy movement generates beautiful thoughts.
We look forward armed with sticks for a relaxing holiday

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