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Romantic city,  lying lazy on the banks of the impetuous Adige, which flows south inflated by the Alpine melting snows. Today Verona, popular international tourist destination,   is the second city in  the Veneto for its liveliness and consistency of the economic activities. The sweet loops of the river Adige crossing the city and the hills surrounding  the northern side contribute to the beauty and harmony of the  landscape.The monumental gates, the walls in excellent condition and fortifications testify the strategic importance of the city, well protected from external aggressions.If you love someone go to Verona with your beloved… because Verona is the city of love. Shakespeare set here the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet. Things to see:

  1. Arena of Verona: imposing Roman amphitheater from the first century. The arches and the seating  on 44 steps per 22,000 people, which once resounded with the cries of the gladiators, today echoe of the arias of the operas  during the famous summer festival.
  2. Juliet’s House: tourists come to visit Juliet’s house, where presumably the heroine of Shakespeare lived. Admire its  lovely balcony on which  romantic lovers can imagine the most famous scene of the legendary story.
  3. Piazza delle Erbe: typical square of the Roman era, even today place for business. The tents protect the bustling market under the gaze of a winged lion on top of a column, a symbol of Venetian rule. The 84-meter Tower Lamberti offer beautiful views of the city.
  4. Civic Museum of Natural History. Giant ferns,  bizarre fishes  and an ancestor of the crocodile, all in the fossil form Eocene (50 million years ago). These  are the treasures from Bolca, at the foot of the mountains Lessinian. They  testify  the low tropical lagoons that covered the area before the formation of the Alps