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In this winter of hard work and intertwined collaborations, we decided to start a cultural  exchange  for travel ideas with the web  site, a site that we consider to be very interesting as it offers travel ideas and more. A respectful  blog , a respectful hotel, can not only talk about itself, but it is fair to be aware that there are, in addition to hotels in Jesolo, in addition to  Hotel Torino and over, so many holidays you can not be certain enumerate all.
Obviously, we would like everyone to come here on holiday in Jesolo and at Hotel Torino, but this is not possible and we recommend, for the holidays, to consult this site where you will certainly find some original ideas or some idea that might be interesting for you. To follow, we take an excerpt from the blog, and a travel tip in Madagascar, to give you a taste of what you can discover running around the site.
That tells you to …. Enjoy the reading!
Travel in Madagascar through the climbing and trekking
Its nature, its fauna and its endemic flora, its friendly people make up the immense tourist attractions in Madagascar. Less known but very impressive, spots of trekking and climbed represent d ‘interest.
Camp Catta, the star of the great names of climbing
The massive Tsaranono, the national 7, in the vicinity of Ambalavao is a well-known sport by climbing enthusiasts across the world. If before, a certain level it was necessary to appreciate the beauty of the place, the more ‘simple and accessible routes are now available. If you have already had a few years of prattica before or you are still young and beginners, Camp Catta, is reputed to be the spot more ‘fans and reserves you the best of visits.
Schools and proffessional are also available to accompany you and share with you some useful tips. They will indicate then the sites “fady” (ie forbidden by tradition), which you should definitely avoid.
Other spots of the southern part
Apart from the massive Tsaranoro, discover the other Malagasy sites. Not far from there ‘, to Andringitra, of hundreds of reefs for an outdoor show in Scalada. For those who have already experienced, the ones that make 300m above sea level await you. The more ‘daring can be precursors of new ittinerari.
Even more ‘in the south but increasingly on highway 7, the massive Isalo is another hill that is worth a stop. Once you are on these hills, you are in a position to admire a landscape that has nothing to do with the splendor of the Mojave Desert. These suggested routes are figured in site.
Why not go on a trek?
You want to associate your stay in Madagascar with prattica physical activity without being a fanatic climbed? Opt for a hiking, one of the most ‘effective means and enthralling to get in touch with the population. According to your desire, you can leave for a half day or a few days. In Tana, its mountains and its real Dodice HfAns are ideal for this type of activity. Rotten in these villages that look like the years of the modern civilization light can also be organized to offer you the most ‘pure of bewilderment.
What do you think ?, before you make a trip to Jesolo, for nightlife, for relaxing, for nature certainly less wild and powerful, and in the second holiday, treat yourself to a more adventurous destination. We in Jesolo we heal your tiredness and will take care of your relaxation, in more adventurous places You will become Indiana Jones.Google Traduttore per il Business:Translator ToolkitTraduttore di siti webStrumento a supporto dell’exportDisattiva traduzione istantaneaInformazioni su Google TraduttorePer cellulariCommunityPrivacy e TerminiGuidaInvia commenti