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Celiac disease is a chronic disease caused by a permanent intolerance to gliadin, a component of gluten. The gliadin protein is present in almost all cereals and especially in the flour of barley, rye, wheat, barley, and spelled. Therefore,  subjects with celiac disease must avoid foods containing gluten or contamination.
Hotel Torino has realized the increase in cases of celiac disease among our guests and we have learned to manage celiac disease without difficulty.
We start from the breakfast, where there are no problems in the buffet where you can find plenty of  food perfectly accessible for celiacs: fresh fruit, canned fruit, honey, butter, juice, yogurt, eggs, cheese, hot drinks
For the sweets  we have  gluten –free cookies,  packaged  plum cakes and brioches 
Lunch and dinner are the least concern: in our choice of menus the celiac  has just to mark  the chosen dish, even cutlet properly breaded, or  mixed fried fish , and our chef will prepare with  the due care and attention. Hotel Torino also provides with  gluten –free bread or breadsticks, as well as  pasta, while for the rice there are no problems, if cooked separately, however.
A question and  we will solve it together. The staff is always ready to help  in the doubts   in order to avoid  to spoil  holidays 
At  Hotel Torino we  follow the basic rules for cooking without gluten:
always wash hands and tools used to avoid the presence of flour
all ingredients and products  must be  gluten-free
The food for celiac must be cooked separately
Do not use cutlery, cutting boards and wooden tools because they absorb
Hotel Torino therefore allows   celiac  people to enjoy their holiday without trouble and thoughts. To cook and eat at home where everything is organized is easy, but it must also be easy to choose your food outside when you are on holiday. We are you Home in Jesolo, so holidays must be holidays for

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