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Family Hotel Jesolo

Hotel Torino welcomes families as we have always had a weakness  for families, and we have always organized  the hotel  to make families feel at home.
You will find many small attentions that make life easier for mothers:
Two  kind of high chairs for the dining room,  one  suitable to grown-up children andf the other for smaller babies, menu carefully chosen and composed by mothers and  Our Chef  will cook following they mothers’ instructions, family atmosphere  which makes life better for the children, and if there is a  child birthday, just a nod to remind us and we'll organize for free the birthday cake with  colourful candles to make your children feel special and important and maybe even with a little gift.
On the beach , families with small children are often assigned the sun umbrellas on the first rears so that parents can easily control their children and they are not obliged to walk up and down the sandy beach for kilometers when they take the babies to bathe 
At  Hotel Torino you can reserve rooms for families of 3 or 4 persons, we have also cots \ camping cots and oilcloths if you do not have place enough to carry your owns in your car .
And last, but not least, as for the  prices there are always family plans with substantial discounts, or discounts not indifferent to the children.
The fridge in the room allows you to keep their milk or their homogenized, and  we are always here to warm milk,or  to heat the meals that sometimes mothers  prepare at home: there is no problem, neither this nor for variations on the menu. The little ones are demanding, but they are our future customers and we want them to grow well on holiday. 

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